Custom Apps

Meet the unique needs of your business

Common business challenges

Are you experiencing any of these situations at work?

Inefficient processes

You gather and share information using slow, inefficient processes that are prone to data entry errors.

Scattered information

Your information is stored in separate systems or multiple spreadsheets, or exists only on paper.

Rigid technology

You’ve looked for a packaged app, but it doesn’t do exactly what you want, and it doesn’t work on both computers and mobile devices.

Costly and complex tools

You’ve explored starting a custom programming project but you didn’t have the resources to develop and deploy it.

Packaged App
Custom App

Functionality doesn’t fit your unique business needs.


Runs exactly as you want it to.


Includes more functionality than you need so you’re paying for unused features.


Cost effective. You only pay for what you need.


Doesn’t integrate with external data. Creates separate silos of information.


Easy to integrate with existing business systems.

Custom apps

Unlike single use apps or complex programming projects, custom apps help business teams like yours quickly solve unique problems — even as they change.

Teams that use custom apps are able to streamline operational processes, boosting overall productivity and efficiency.

Create your own
custom app

Have you ever considered creating your own app, but thought it would be too difficult or time consuming? Then the FileMaker Platform is right for you.

Businesses use the FileMaker Platform to create custom apps that work seamlessly across mobile, cloud, and on-premise environments.

Custom apps for any task

With custom apps you can manage contact information, track projects, monitor store inventory, and much more.

Get inspired

Explore a variety of built-in templates for desktop, iOS, and the web.

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Common Business Challenges