Business without Boundaries - FileMaker Developer Conference - San Antonio Texas July 28-31, 2014


  • Exhibitor Showcase Dates

    July 28-31
    See Exhibitor Packet for exhibitor hours.

  • Conference Location

    JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country
    San Antonio, Texas

  • Exhibitor Information

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  • contact:

    Shari Martinez
    FileMaker, Inc.

  • 24U s.r.o.

    24U s.r.o.

    24U s.r.o. is a key vendor of plug-ins for FileMaker Pro and a producer of FileMaker Bench, your straight way to fast optimized FileMaker solutions. We unveiled the Marvelous Optimization Formula which teaches you how to efficiently optimize the performance of your solution and processes by focusing on real bottlenecks. Optimizing your performance, inventing unique mobile applications, helping organizations to get more out of their technologies, is our focus. We’re dedicated to creating the easiest to use FileMaker plug-ins. We achieve the impossible.

  • 360Works


    360Works offers a wide selection of developer tools for FileMaker Pro including MirrorSync (Solution of the Year in 2013) and DocuBin (Solution of the Year in 2012). Our staff has been producing easy-to-use extensions to the FileMaker Platform since 1996. As a Platinum member in the FileMaker Business Alliance and 2009 winner of the FileMaker Community Contribution award, we are one of the top-tier FileMaker development firms in the world. Our customers include NASA, Apple, Pixar, Make-A-Wish, Omnicom Group, the US Marines, Atlanta Business Chronicle, and many other successful organizations.

  • aACE Software

    aACE Software

    aACE is powerful, easy-to-use business management software, allowing you to efficiently manage your operations in a single complete, cross-platform solution. Built using the FileMaker technologies, aACE is essentially a “platform within a platform.”  This allows developers to leverage the FileMaker Platform to customize aACE as necessary to provide a perfect fit at a lower cost and higher quality than expensive alternatives. aACE licensing is all-inclusive out-of-the-box, offering contact relationship management (CRM), order management and fulfillment, inventory control, accounting, and more!

  • Actual Technologies

    Actual Technologies

    Actual Technologies develops affordable, easy to use ODBC drivers for Mac OS X, connecting FileMaker Pro to most popular SQL databases – including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Access, Sybase, MySQL and PostgreSQL. Use Actual ODBC drivers with External SQL Sources (ESS) to seamlessly integrate your FileMaker solution with enterprise databases.

  • Beezwax


    Beezwax builds custom database, web and mobile solutions for virtually any use. We manage complex knowledge, capture business logic, streamline processes, and visualize information. Whatever you need, Beezwax can make it happen. Check out the latest version of InspectorPro, the must-have developer tool for diagnosing, debugging and documenting FileMaker databases.

  • BH&A


    BH&A is an innovative FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum member specialized in custom FileMaker developments. BH&A will be introducing its brand new BeProductive application, an intuitive and complete business management solution for Mac, PC, iPad and iPhone. Developed with a particular focus on small and medium-sized businesses, BeProductive's framework is built with their core activities in mind, meeting most of any business's operational needs. BeProductive’s modularity makes it easily adaptable to suit the needs of your most discerning clients: managing customer relations, projects, offers, orders, commercial overview, invoicing. BeProductive is multi-currency, multilingual and leverages to their full potential iOS 7's numerous advantages. Combine these unique strengths to BH&A’s latest Mass Mailing tool and you’ll have a hard time coming up with an excuse for not coming to visit BH&A's booth!

  • CNS Plug-ins

    CNS Plug-ins

    As a leading plug-in development house for over a decade, CNS has brought to the table plug-ins for email, file transfer, image manipulation, audit trail, SQL control, shell scripting, and more. With the advent of Apple's iOS, we have brought to market FMP Ref and CNS Barcode. We have many updates and new products in the pipeline, so be sure to visit our booth to see product demonstrations, ask questions, and find out what we have been up to.

  • Databuzz


    Databuzz is the developer behind fmSMS, our award winning FileMaker solution that allows you to send and receive SMS/TXT messages from within FileMaker Pro. fmSMS allows you to send an SMS from FileMaker Pro to almost any mobile phone in the world via one of the supported SMS Gateways, reaching over 800 networks in more than 200 countries. fmSMS v3 was completely rewritten for FileMaker Pro v12 and includes support for FileMaker Go and over 30 SMS Gateways internationally. Databuzz is a member of the FileMaker Business Alliance and have been developing FileMaker solutions for over 20 years.

  • DB Services

    DB Services

    DB Services is a leading provider of FileMaker consulting and development, FileMaker coaching and training, and is an authorized FileMaker reseller. Our focus is to add value to your organization through improved workflow systems, generating rock-solid code by FileMaker Certified developers, and designing intuitive user experiences. For more than a decade we have provided comprehensive solutions for all types of organizations. Whether it’s building new, upgrading old, refining your current system, integrating mobile devices or FileMaker with the web, you will experience gains that help your bottom-line. Your FileMaker database is your business. Making it work better is ours.

  • Excelisys, Inc.

    Excelisys, Inc.

    Excelisys celebrates over 13 years specializing in building, consulting, customizing, supporting, migrating, converting, upgrading, tweaking, fixing, and integrating quality FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, MySQL, PostgreSQL and other various database technologies and frameworks for web, mobile, and desktop platforms. Our goal is to foster long-term relationships while providing exceptional value, high quality results, intuitive usability, and excellent customer service for our clientele. Don't settle for less; whatever the size of your business, organization, or project, contact us today for a free initial consultation and estimate. What do you have to lose?

  • FacetCorp


    FacetCorp is the maker of FacetPhone, the advanced business phone system that runs on a Mac.  Using VoIP, FacetPhone brings branch offices, teleworkers and mobile employees seamlessly into the company phone system. A rich Mac user interface provides point and click call control, the status of coworkers, visual voice mail, and corporate instant messaging. With the FacetPhone Mobile app, your iPhone can become a powerful soft phone with the user and call displays, instant messaging and extensive call control of the Mac user interface … all in the palm of your hand!  FacetPhone integrates with FileMaker, allowing you to dial out of your FileMaker applications and use caller ID information to lookup a customer record by phone number.  Deeper integration is possible such as a dialer system we have created with a customer who is a FileMaker developer.

  • feedzon Limited

    feedzon Limited

    Take your FileMaker solutions to the next level with feedzon's range of ingenious products: Use feedzon Maps to visualise your data plotted on multi-pin Google Maps to help analyze your customers, sales and identify needs. See our new feedzon Calendar service to integrate FileMaker with Google Calendar which also includes a web-based booking system so your clients can book straight into your calendar and pay the appropriate fees online. Professional developers should take a look our Licensing & Registration System (LaRS) to control licensing, registration and access to your FileMaker solutions. We'll also be demonstrating our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for business cards & documents, text-to-speech conversion, two-way SMS, barcode creation, Twitter integration, address lookup, translation and FTP services. Everything is compatible with FileMaker Go, FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Server, FileMaker WebDirect, IWP & CWP. No plug-ins required. Be sure to ask about our special show offers.

  • FileMaker, Inc.

    FileMaker, Inc.

    The FileMaker, Inc. booth will be staffed with Business Account Managers, Product Management, Developer Relations, Product Marketing, and FileMaker international teams throughout the week to talk with you one on one. You can ask about volume licensing, the developer programs, or just come by to tell us what’s on your mind!

  • Goya Pty. Ltd

    Goya Pty. Ltd

    Goya Pty. Ltd builds and sells great tools for FileMaker developers. BaseElements helps you find and fix issues, and cleanup your solutions. RefreshFM is the fastest way to update your solution. And RestFM gives you full RESTful interface into your Server hosted database. And now we give away our prized asset, a free and open source FileMaker plug-in that performs a whole host of useful functions and doesn't require any license to use. Extending your solution to do even more is now much easier.

  • Huslik Verlag GmbH - FMDiff - FMVis

    Huslik Verlag GmbH - FMDiff - FMVis

    Huslik has worked for more than 20 years with FileMaker Pro and has specialized in analyzing and repairing damaged FileMaker Pro files. Two unique applications are offered for sale. FMDiff shows differences between files and complete solutions while FMVis shows details on every element. Both apps are delivered native for Mac and Windows and read the original files directly, without requiring a DDR while at the same time test the files for structural errors. They run super fast and unveil information not otherwise available, like a file's unchangeable creation date (prove of ownership), and obvious and hidden file corruption.

  • infoLink inc.

    infoLink inc.

    With more than 20 years experience, InfoLink is a leading provider of FileMaker products and custom solutions, including Dimension Suite, a suite of turn-key applications for contact management and campaign fundraising. Our team includes certified developers, business analysts, and technology specialists that will transform any idea into an application. InfoLink is proud to have worked with the FileMaker community and specializes in custom solutions for the iPad and iPhone. Let our team of passionate professionals unlock the power of your database.

  • MonkeyBread Software

    MonkeyBread Software

    Located in beautiful Nickenich, Germany, MonkeyBread Software is a privately held company founded in 2000 by Christian Schmitz. MonkeyBread Software focuses on the Macintosh and Windows platforms. With over 12 years as a software developer, Christian's aim is developing unique and useful utilities, complemented by first-class customer support. This includes our famous MBS FileMaker plug-in that provides a thousand functions to every FileMaker user.

  • myFMbutler


    myFMbutler is an initiative by SHpartners, a FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum member. SHpartners currently has eight FileMaker 12 Certified developers among their staff and received a "FileMaker Excellence Award for FBA Business Partner of the Year" at DevCon 2008.myFMbutler's goal is to provide a wide range of tools that help FileMaker developers create better solutions. Whether it be through the use of our plug-ins, or some of our other solutions that extend on the capabilities of FileMaker, we want to offer developers a way to improve their products, and help them finish their projects faster.

  • Productive Computing, Inc.

    Productive Computing, Inc.

    Productive Computing, Inc. (PCI), a FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum member specializing in custom FileMaker Pro development and consulting services. Our FileMaker Certified programmers are experienced in developing solutions on the Windows or Macintosh desktop platforms as well as the iPhone, iPad and web. PCI also produces ready-to-use solutions such as Core4 ERP, Core3 CRM, Core2 CRM, FM Work Orders, OrgPlanner and IT Asset Manager. We also produce a suite of FileMaker Pro plug-ins to integrate with third party applications including Microsoft Outlook, Intuit QuickBooks, the Apple Address Book and iCal, Adobe PDF forms, credit card processing, digital signatures, and biometric fingerprint scanners.

  • The Scarpetta Group, Inc.

    The Scarpetta Group, Inc.

    The Scarpetta Group, Inc., is a FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum member specializing in custom FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go and Web Development. Our certified and expert developers provide over 15+ years of industry experience, building FileMaker applications for all business types. Our niche is web development. We build complex web applications utilizing the FileMaker API for PHP. We establish long-term relationships with our clients, maintaining their success is what matters. Our solutions are based on solid coding practices, clean interfaces, attention to detail, understanding our client's needs and pure passion for what we do. Call us today for a successful project and solid ROI.

  • Worldcloud, Inc.

    Worldcloud, Inc.

    Worldcloud, Inc. a FileMaker Business Alliance member, is a hosting provider for FileMaker-centric services, offering more services than any other provider. New this year featured at DevCon 2014 is: - 'Utility' Hosting, pay for use - includes FileMaker WebDirect/FileMaker Go - FREE FileMaker hosting plans - great for demo development - FileMaker Pro HTML5 - more powerful FileMaker WebDirect - Tools for solution providers - market and deploy client-specific demos - Services to facilitate SaaS - billing, live chat, support tickets, hosting - Client-specific portals - simple web deployment of FileMaker and others, including Office & QuickBooks Pro