FAQs for FileMaker Certification

The information below addresses our most common questions. If you still need help, please email Customer Support or see our Customer Support Contact page.

Certificate and exam inquiries

No, there are no pre-requisites. Anyone may take the exam.

Candidates who have successfully passed the exam will receive a FileMaker Certified Developer certificate with permission to use the FileMaker Certified Developer logo. The certificate and logo will have the version of the exam, for example, "FileMaker 17 Certified Developer" or "FileMaker 18 Certified Developer." FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA) members have an opportunity to list their company and be recognized as having a certified developer(s) on their local FileMaker website. See section on "Highlighting certified developers."

Your certification package will be mailed approximately two to three weeks after the exam is completed.

If you have not received your package after a one-month waiting period, please send an email to fmcertification@filemaker.com. Include your first name, last name, and full address given at the time of the test.

While you can request a correction for a misspelled name, you cannot change your name. For misspelled names, please contact fmcertification@filemaker.com. Allow up to three weeks for a new certificate.

There is no expiration date to the certification title you receive. You may, however, be certified on a technology that is outdated if FileMaker, Inc. releases a new technology version and its associated exam. Keeping your certification current is highly recommended. FileMaker, at its discretion, may offer certification for one version back.

No, FileMaker will not provide test results or names of FileMaker certified developers. It is the responsibility of the certified developer to share that information with their employer if they so desire.

FileMaker will not deny or confirm individual names of FileMaker certified developers. The certificate is your proof of certification. Your employer will be advised of this policy.

The exam cost is US$150 (or equivalent in other countries). At the time of registration, candidates are required to provide payment information. Pearson VUE processes most major forms of credit card payment. After paying for the test, the candidate can schedule a convenient time and location for the exam.

To register, go to the Pearson FileMaker page.

Pearson VUE has test centers available worldwide. You can also take the exam as an Online Proctored (OP) exam. OP exams allow you to conveniently and easily take an exam in the comfort of your home or office while being monitored by an offsite proctor. When you register for an exam, you’ll have an opportunity to choose a location or your own home or office.

The entire seating time is 120 minutes. You are allowed 10 minutes for an NDA and tutorial, then 110 minutes for the exam itself, which contains about 60 questions. Candidates taking the English test in countries where English is not an official language will be scheduled for an extra 30 minutes (150 minute seating time) at registration.

Your score report should be available from the Pearson website within 24 hours after you complete the exam. Go to the Pearson FileMaker page and log into your account. From the My Account menu on the right, choose the View Score Reports option.

FileMaker has a 14-day re-testing policy. This means that if you take an exam, fail it, and need to retake the "same" exam again, you will be required to wait 14 days before taking the exam again. Why the policy?

Within the Certification industry, it is common for certification programs to impose a waiting period of up to one month, while FileMaker requires only 14 days. The wait period assists with test security: increased security means that the credential is even more valuable once earned. Requiring a wait period provides a consistent basis for measuring skills and abilities. It has been proven that people who retake exams earlier than two weeks acquire an unfair advantage based upon short-term memory. Waiting helps to protect the value of your credentials. We want customers to succeed, so the wait allows additional time for customers to study in order to pass the next time.

There is no limit to the number of times you can take the test; however, each testing session will incur the standard testing fee.

Click here for the FileMaker page.

To ensure that you contact the correct customer service representative (via chat, phone, or email), first go to the Pearson FileMaker page. Then click the "Need help? Contact Customer Service" button. You will be taken to the correct contact information for your region.

Go to the Pearson FileMaker page. Click the "Create account" button on the right and follow the steps for creating an account. When asked, "Do you know your candidate ID?" answer "No, I do not know my Candidate ID". You will receive an email from Pearson.

First go to the Pearson FileMaker page. Click the "Sign In" button on the right. Enter your username and password.

To schedule, choose an exam, than a location, and finally a date and time.

To reschedule or cancel, look at the "Upcoming Appointments" section for instructions. Be sure to check your appointment email for any applicable fees and for the testing policy for your exam and testing program.

Go to the Pearson FileMaker page. Click "Sign In". Enter your username and password. Click on "My Profile" (under the My account menu). If your program allows you to edit your account, you will see an "Edit" option to the right of the information you wish to change. If you are unable to update your information online, you will see messaging regarding whom to contact to have updates made.

The normal resolution time is 3 – 5 business days.

To request a merge, contact Customer Service. Please note that account merges cannot be done via Live Chat Support. If Pearson VUE is unable to merge your duplicate accounts, please let us know.

To remove a block on your account contact, contact Customer Service. They will identify the necessary steps based on the nature of the block.

FileMaker 18 Certification

Yes, the "Developer Essentials for FileMaker 18" is available. Register for this exam.

Candidates who are successful in passing the "Developer Essentials for FileMaker 18" exam will receive the "FileMaker 18 Certified Developer" credential.

FileMaker 17 Certification

Yes, the "Developer Essentials for FileMaker 17" is available, and those who pass will receive the "FileMaker 17 Certified Developer" credential. Register for this exam.

Your FileMaker certifications are important credentials. Customers and employers may ask for it if they have earlier versions of FileMaker software at their company.

FileMaker Certifications in older versions

No, FileMaker offers only one previous version for certification. Only the FileMaker 18 and FileMaker 17 Certification exams are available.

Highlighting certified developers

FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA) members are eligible to receive special recognition for their organization. The company by whom the certified individual is employed must have an active FBA membership, and the individual must be a full-time employee of that company. The primary contact for the organization's FBA membership must inform FileMaker when an employee is no longer working at the company or organization by emailing fba@filemaker.com. Non-members are not eligible for a listing on the FileMaker website.

FileMaker Community members may enter their FileMaker certification credential in their profile and a special badge will be added to their profile.

FileMaker will automatically update your certifications with all staff associated with your FBA profile. If you wish to confirm your profile certifications, simply email fba@filemaker.com.

It is the responsibility of the FBA member to inform their regional FBA Admin immediately if the certified developer is no longer at the company. FileMaker reserves the right to audit employment at any time.

Each FBA organization that has a certified developer on staff will be noted with a special symbol next to their company name—on Find a Partner. See Find a Partner—Details for more information.

Yes, your FileMaker certifications count for your primary office location as well as your branch offices.

For organizations that have more than one certified developer on staff, this will impact the sort order on Find a Partner. This means, the more certifications you have, the higher your sort order will be. See Find a Partner – Details for more information.


Each candidate who successfully passes the exam will receive a certificate and a letter. The letter will contain a special URL to download the logo from the website. You will be required to agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the FileMaker Certification logo agreement at the time of the download.

Yes. To review the FileMaker Certified Developer logo agreement, download here.

Yes, individual certification holders can use the certified title on their business cards and resume. The certification holder, however, must include the certified version number of their certification.