Tutorial 101:


Tutorial 101: Fundamentals



Now that you know what the FileMaker Platform can do, we hope you have begun thinking about how a custom app can address the challenges you face in your own business.

If you want to learn all of the basics that go into building an app, proceed to the next tutorial, Create.

In the Create Tutorial, we will walk you through the creation of a custom app from the ground up, and you don't need coding experience to get started. You’ll practice building an app, its data structure, layouts, scripts, and reports, all in easy step-by-step video tutorials. Then you can do the same for your own business.

If you like the flexibility and agility of the FileMaker platform but don’t have bandwidth to build an app yourself, consider reaching out to a qualified consultant in our FileMaker Business Alliance.

In any case, as a FileMaker customer, you have all of the resources you need to help you get started. Here's just a few things we offer as you start or expand your custom app with FileMaker: