Build-On Tutorial:

iPad Schedule

Event Management Template: iPad Schedule


Tutorial summary

In this Build-On you will create a mobile event schedule interface, so your iPad users can help direct attendees to the proper sessions at an event. They will be able to choose from any event that has been marked as available for mobile use, and see the dates, times and locations of that event's sessions.

What to expect

When you’re done with this Build-On, your team will be able to:

  • Log in from the iPad and be taken directly to an event list
  • Select an event to view
  • See a list of sessions, and their start and end times, dates, and locations
  • Filter the session list by category or date, to more quickly find the session they’re looking for

Getting started

You will need a few elements before you begin this tutorial.

1. FileMaker Pro Advanced

You will use FileMaker Pro Advanced on your desktop to do all of the work in these tutorials. This is used both for development and to access your FileMaker app on the desktop.

If you don’t have a copy, you can download a free trial.

Download FileMaker Pro Advanced

2. Event Management Template core file

Before you begin, download the Event Management template core file. If you have already made adjustments to it, either on your own or from another Build-On, make sure to save a copy as a back-up before beginning this tutorial.

When you’re ready to begin, open the file on your desktop with FileMaker Pro Advanced, then you can walk through each lesson, step by step.

Download core file

3. FileMaker Go

This Build-On includes mobile features, which you will want to test as you build them. Download FileMaker Go from the App Store onto your mobile device, so you can access your app from your iPhone or iPad.

Begin Tutorial