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Better information at a glance

You have created a layout so your users can see and interact with some of the data in your custom app. Now practice your layout skills on new, more complex screens that allow users to see more information in one place.

Each layout is connected to a specific table in your app’s database, but that doesn’t mean you’re limited to showing just that table’s fields in that layout. You can view information from a related table using a special object called a portal. For example, you can build a layout to show the client’s name and contact information — which are in the Client table — and use a portal on that layout to show a list of all their visits to the clinic, which reside in the Visit table.

A portal isn’t the only way to show related data. You may want to display just one or two fields from a related table, like showing the client’s name on a list of services they’ve received. You don’t need a portal in this case. Simply tell FileMaker Pro Advanced to show a single field from a related table instead of the current table.

Why is this important?

  • Users frequently need to see information from multiple tables at once to do their work efficiently and make informed decisions.
  • You can add a single related field — like client name — to a layout, without having to create a whole new field on your current table. This makes it easier to keep your data clean and up-to-date, because you won’t have “client name” in two different tables. 

Video 1

Creating a portal to show related data

Create a Client Details layout in the sample app, and add a portal so you can see data from the related Visit table.

In this video, you will:

  • Create a layout: create a “form” layout for the iPad (0:29)
  • Add and arrange fields: add fields from the layout’s table (1:00)
  • Add a photo to a container field: see how container fields hold image data (1:45)
  • Create a portal: add a list view of many related records (2:55)
  • Set portal options: control how the portal displays those records (3:05)
  • View portal data: scroll through Clients to view related Visits in a portal (4:39)
  • Show related fields: show fields from a single related record (5:42)

Video 2

Setting up a portal to add related records

Take your layouts and portals to the next level — create a Visit Details layout that allow users to create new Services and also displays data from the Client table.

In this video, you will:

  • Create a layout: create a Visit Details layout (0:20)
  • Show related fields: show fields from a single related Client record (1:02)
  • Edit a relationship: change a relationship to allow the creation of related records (4:11)
  • Add portal data: create new Service records from the Visit Details layout, through the portal (5:14)

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