Tutorial 201:


Tutorial 201: Create



You have completed Tutorial 201: Create! Throughout the course, you built a custom app for the iPad and desktop from the ground up. Although the app was for a theoretical use case (a physical therapy clinic), you can apply the skills you’ve gained as you create an app for your own business.

Welcome to the community of app developers!


Toolbox of new skills

By working in FileMaker Pro to follow each of the lessons, you have learned a host of new skills.

Now you can:

  • Plan out necessary tables, fields and relationships
  • Import data into your app
  • Create layouts that bring together many data tables
  • Customize input methods so data entry is easy for your users
  • Create calculations so users get quick answers to data questions
  • Create reports and charts
  • Require individual logins so your app is more secure


What's next?

Feel free to play with FileMaker Pro for your own use case! Take the concepts covered in Tutorial 201 and apply them to your business. If you want to dig deeper into individual subjects, remember the “Related Resources” links on each lesson. If you go through these lessons with your own app in mind, finish off by getting feedback from users — show them your app and see what they love and what else they’d like you to incorporate.

When you’re ready to take your learning further, proceed to Tutorial 202: Extend.

Tutorial 202: Extend is designed to take your development skills further, so you can add more automation to your app. You’ll continue to build onto the physical therapy app and add more features: more advanced scripts, different layouts targeted to different users, and more calculations.

Tutorial 202 will help you polish your custom app so you’re better prepared to roll it out to actual users.