Tutorial 202:


Tutorial 202: Extend



You have completed the tutorial – congratulations!

Throughout the course, you’ve added complex features to a custom app for the iPad and desktop. The skills you’ve gained through this practice app should be directly applicable to any app you build for your own business. Now you’re ready to get creative with your own custom app! Toolbox of new skills Through building new features in FileMaker Pro Advanced during each of the lessons, you’ve gained more nuanced development skills.

Now you can:

  • Model complex data relationships
  • Create your own styles and themes for layouts
  • Use a variety of functions in your calculations
  • Create multi-step scripts using script parameters, variables, and triggers
  • Set up a custom security plan based on users’ different roles
  • Think critically about what will improve the app for your users, then enact those changes

What's Next

You’re ready to move on to your own use case! Take the concepts covered in these tutorials and apply them to your business. Begin by defining the main goal statements, then plan your data model and start building.

As you work on your app, remember there are many resources available if you have questions:

  • The Related Resources area on each lesson has links to relevant tips
  • The Help menu within FileMaker Pro Advanced will link you to support documentation
  • The FileMaker Community is a group of friendly, knowledgeable developers ready to help

When you’ve developed your app and completed user testing, check the Deploy guide for an overview of various options for sharing your app with your users, and the FileMaker Cloud tutorial for instructions specific to that hosting option. Ready, set…go!