Tutorial 203:

Share using Cloud

Tutorial 203: Lesson 2

FileMaker Cloud Setup

How to purchase and set up FileMaker Cloud

With FileMaker Cloud, you're now able to easily share information with your team. FileMaker Cloud provides secure, reliable access to your custom apps using FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go and FileMaker WebDirect all without the administrative hassle.

FileMaker Cloud runs on the Amazon Web Services Cloud and is offered through AWS Marketplace. This means there are a few different phases to the initial setup. Because purchasing AWS and FileMaker Cloud can feel a little complicated, this lesson will walk you through the setup process, step by step.

Before you begin, you should have an Amazon Web Services account. Note that this is different from the account you may use to browse and shop on amazon.com as a consumer. If you don’t already have an AWS account, visit aws.amazon.com for more information.

Once you have your account, you can go to the AWS Marketplace and follow this lesson to:

  • Choose and purchase an AWS server (an “EC2 instance”)
  • Choose and purchase FileMaker Cloud
  • Activate your FileMaker Cloud instance 


Why is this important?

  • To ensure the security of your cloud server, AWS and FileMaker Cloud require you to complete a number of different steps during setup. Some of these steps are accompanied by a dizzying amount of information. This lesson will highlight which steps are necessary and which are optional, so you can get your cloud server up and running more quickly.
  • Once your FileMaker Cloud instance is running, you’ll be able to load your app and share it with users!


Initiating FileMaker Cloud

Walk through purchasing and starting your FileMaker Cloud instance. You should have an Amazon Web Services account before following the steps in this video

Watch Time: 6 minutes

In this video, you will:

  • Create a key pair: complete a security step for AWS (0:56)
  • Purchase FileMaker Cloud: choose the product with the right number of user licenses for your team (2:08)
  • Create your FileMaker Cloud instance: choose the instance size appropriate for your app (3:38)
  • Complete setup: get your cloud instance up and running (4:56)

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