Tutorial 203:

Share using Cloud

Tutorial 203: Share using Cloud



Your custom app has been deployed to FileMaker Cloud. It is ready for users to log in and collaborate. As the administrator, you can relax knowing your app is protected with multiple security measures from FileMaker Cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

You also have regular backups should you ever need to turn back the clock to correct a mistake. FileMaker Cloud will continue to do most of the heavy lifting for you, butit’s a good idea to check the Admin Console periodically to see your users as they log on, and check your statistics, logs, and storage to make sure performance is adequate.

As users interact more with your app, you may get requests for new features, or even new apps. Feel free to revisit Tutorials 201, 202 and 203 as you move through development cycles and release new versions of your app to the cloud.