Tutorial 204:

Share using Server

Tutorial 204: Lesson 3

Deploying Your App to FileMaker Server

How to deploy your app to FileMaker Server

You have FileMaker Server up and running, and secured with SSL. Now you're ready to host your app!

There are only a couple of security elements to check on the app itself before loading it onto the server. This lesson will walk you through those steps, then show you how to deploy your app to FileMaker Server.

  • You’ll ensure that any full-access accounts are password-protected.
  • You’ll encrypt your app so it isn’t hackable, in case anyone should try to access an offline copy.
  • You'll load your app to FileMaker Server and view it from the Admin Console

Once you complete those steps, your app will be available for users to log-in with FileMaker Go on an iPad or iPhone, from a browser using FileMaker WebDirect, or from the desktop with FileMaker Pro Advanced. The second video in this lesson will demonstrate each login, as well as how to see those users as an administrator.

Why is this important?

  • These final security steps will complete the preparation of your app for sharing, then you'll be off to the races.

Video 1

Deploying your app to FileMaker Server

Prepare your app for upload, then deploy it to FileMaker Server.

Watch Time: 6 minutes

In this video, you will:

  • Check security settings: adjust the app so it is secure enough to be shared
  • Deploy your app: load the app to FileMaker Server (4:00)
  • Complete deployment: open the app from the Admin Console so it's available to users (5:08)

Video 2

Accessing your app from desktop, browser and mobile

Now that your app is hosted, users can log in and collaborate. See how users can access your app from web, desktop, and mobile clients.

Watch Time: 5 minutes

In this video, you will learn about the many ways you and your users can access your app. You'll learn how to login in to your app from:

  • A desktop: Access your app from your desktop using FileMaker Pro Advanced (0:29)
  • A web browser: Make use of FileMaker WebDirect to view your app on the web which makes your app accessible from any operating system (2:12)
  • A mobile device: Use FileMaker Go to log in to your app from an iOS mobile device, like an iPhone or an iPad (3:00)

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