Tutorial 205:


Tutorial 205: Integration



You have completed the tutorial on Integrating your FileMaker app — congratulations! You have an understanding of the many options available for you to connect your custom app with other data sources, so you can further streamline your users' workflow.

Now that you know more about each method of integrating your app, you can think through which data sources would be helpful for your app. Do you want to connect to another app that is ODBC-compliant? Consider ESS or an ODBC import/export. Do your users want to see a mapping web site? Use a simple web viewer. Perhaps you need to pull web data into the fields of your app. Now you know how to use the Insert From URL script step to achieve that.

What's Next?

When you're ready to implement an integration, be sure to dig into the related resources to get more details. Also remember that the FileMaker Community is full of experienced users who are happy to help answer your specific questions!