Build-On Tutorial:

WebDirect Access

Memberships Template: WebDirect Access



Now your team can check on the status of campaigns from a web browser.

What’s next?

This Build-On taught you the basics of setting up streamlined layouts for Web access. Now you can think through what else you want Web users to be able to do, and build additional interfaces for them as needed. Keep in mind that Web users need lightweight layouts so they load quickly, then build on to your app however you decide!

Here are some factors to keep in mind for FileMaker WebDirect development:

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There are two ways you can share your app to include WebDirect users:

Share using FileMaker Cloud (tutorial video)>
Share using FileMaker Server (tutorial video) >

You may also want to explore supplemental information about the techniques used in this tutorial:

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If your team is new to the FileMaker platform, they may benefit from this:

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