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Animations and Transitions

Animations and Transitions

Animations and transitions are commonly used by iOS apps to make the user's experience feel more responsive and fluid. 

While developers have enjoyed support for animations for slide controls and record navigation in FileMaker Go, the FileMaker 16 platform now also provides support for animations and transitions when navigating from one layout to another. This is achieved with either the Go To Layout script step or the Go To Related Record script step.

These visual transitions give your custom app a professional, iOS-app look and feel, while adding almost no overhead to the programming process. You can choose from 11 animations and transitions, including slides, flips, and zooms.

Why is this important?

  • Guide users through your custom app: These visual transitions can help orient users. Consider “sliding up” a layout designed for a short task, then sliding that layout back down to return to the original screen.
  • Add “app-like” style to your custom apps: Employ a design technique commonly used in iOS apps, so the interactions will be familiar to your users.


Animations and transitions

Explore all the new transition options for navigating between windows using either the Go To Layout or Go To Related Record script steps.

In this video, you will:

  • Add animations to a script: learn how to include animations and transitions in navigation
  • Tour all 11 new transitions: experience examples of each of the 11 new transitions. 

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