Tutorial 301:

Highlights in FileMaker 16

Tutorial 301: Lesson 1

Layout Objects Window

Adjust your layouts more easily

As your app evolves, so does the complexity of your user interfaces. Making enhancements to a layout with layered or grouped objects — without negatively impacting existing functionality — can be a challenge.

The Layout Objects window lets you select and format objects that may otherwise be hard to interact with because of stacking order or grouped objects.

For example, you may need to update the properties of a field that is part of a group of objects, but the group has a script action assigned. Using the Layout Objects window, you can simply select a single object and instantly make a change without having to ungroup the set. You can also edit the stacking order, as well as apply script triggers or conditional formatting to an object.

Why is this important?

The ability to make precise changes to specific objects on a busy layout without rearranging objects not only saves you time, but lowers the chance that you’ll introduce an error.


Using the Layout Objects Window

Check out the new layout objects window as it is used to select, name, hide, and change the stacking order and modify settings of objects on your layout.

In this video, you will:

  • Select an object: select objects even if you cannot see them
  • Name objects: name objects for easy filtering and for use on scripts
  • Show or hide objects: temporarily hide one or multiple objects to temporarily reduce clutter in layout mode
  • Worked with grouped objects: access objects in a group without having to ungroup
  • Modify stacking order: change the order of your objects
  • Define objects in layout objects window: add or change names, script triggers, and conditional formatting right from the Layout Objects window

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