Tutorial 301:

New in 16

Tutorial 301: New in 16



You have completed Tutorial 301: New in 16 — Congratulations! You’ve taken a tour of the most exciting new features added to the FileMaker platform in version 16, and are ready to start applying them to your own custom apps.

Toolbox of new skills

Through the course of the previous lessons, you’ve seen many new FileMaker 16 features in action.

Now you can:

  • Perform precision edits on complex layouts with the Layout Objects Window
  • Create more elegant alerts and dialogs with Card Style windows
  • Automate delivery of PDFs from FileMaker Server
  • Add graceful navigation transitions to your FileMaker Go apps
  • Set up signature capture layouts where your user sees the document while signing
  • Start connecting your apps to the larger data universe with new JSON parsing functions

What’s next?

Feel free to add these features into your custom apps. Think through if and how they would apply in your business case, and how they could best benefit your users.

As you go, reference these resources for more details:

  • The Help menu within FileMaker Pro will link you to support documentation and also has a summary of all of the new features in this release
  • The rest of the FileMaker Community will be using these features as well, and may have additional ideas about implementation
  • Share content and tools you have developed around specific challenges that highlight timely topics. Vote for ideas and mark documents and videos helpful to reward the contributors. Visit App Innovations community space >
  • Hear about latest practices in the field by developers, users, and business teams. Watch Now >

Time to go and play!