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Help your staff quickly access open opportunities, view top-priority customers, and follow-up quickly from a dashboard using the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Sample app.

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This CRM Sample app is developed using the FileMaker Platform, which allows for the rapid development of custom apps. Watch the videos below to learn about the planning and development of this app. Then, download the CRM app to test drive the features and see how the you can customize it for your business.

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Planning the CRM app

Custom apps are crafted to support your specific workflows. In this video, you’ll learn the use cases that drove the design of this CRM, so you can anticipate whether this app will suit your own processes or if you'll want to make adjustments to it. Use this as a starting point for thinking through your own workflows.

Watch video 3 minutes

How the CRM app works

This video will walk you through how to use the CRM app. You'll see how sales users navigate from a dashboard to see their open opportunities and log follow-up interactions. Mobile sales users can view a contact's location in a dynamic map to make in-person sales calls easier. Plus they can update the contact's information and close the sale from anywhere. A management dashboard gives an overview of the company's conversion rate and recently closed sales.

Watch video 4 minutes

Under the hood of the CRM app

If you're a developer, this video is for you. Look under the hood to see the code and understand the design decisions behind the CRM app. See how to manage the user experience to suit both mobile and desktop users. Learn how to reduce your development time by setting up common activities in cards, so users can complete these tasks from any context. Use the master-detail layout feature for quick, intuitive layouts, and use JSON along with both native and custom functions to pass multiple parameters into scripts.

Watch video 5 minutes

Test drive the CRM Sample app.

If you don't already have FileMaker Pro Advanced, we'll set you up with a free trial so you can download the app and launch it right away.


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Thanks to the flexibility and easy integration of FileMaker we’re a better connected business, we’re expanding our international credentials and we get to spend more time with our clients, rather than worrying about lengthy administration. FileMaker isn’t just supporting our business, it’s enabling it.

— Oli Sussat, Director of Marketing, Communications and Technology, Metropolis Studios

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Planning the CRM app

How the CRM app works

Under the hood of the CRM app