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Learn from top FileMaker experts and influencers.

  • Matthew O’Dell

    Big Buffalo Design

    Matthew is a User Experience Designer and Project Manager with iSolutions and the owner of Big Buffalo Design where he works with clients to research, design, and build their own custom software apps. Previous he was the Senior Manager for the Tech Vertical for Udemy where I oversaw all training content for software development, IT, and design. Before joining Udemy, he worked at FileMaker (an Apple subsidiary) as a Systems Engineer and Technical Marketing Manager. Matthew is an avid designer, trainer and presenter.

    FileMaker Certifications: 7 - 14

  • Michael O’Neil

    Boca Raton Fire Rescue (Retired)

    Michael has used FMP since version 2. Recently retired as Division Fire Chief of EMS, he was responsible of all aspects of EMS and used FMP exclusively in managing the EMS Division. He created databases that were used in Records Management, Patient Outcome & Quality Assurance, Mobile Building Survey on fire trucks, and some of these were used during some significant events. Awarded Firefighter of the Year & Employee Supervisor of the Year for use of FMP databases. The Fire Chief estimated his custom apps saved the City over $200,000. He developed some of these apps while also managing the EMS Division.

    FileMaker Certifications: 14 - 15

  • Josh Ormond

    Iozax Designs

    Josh has spent a decade creating more efficient ways to get things done around the office. He started his first custom app in 2007 in an effort to transition a paper based classified ad department into a digital workflow.For the next several years he helped others learn more about FileMaker on the forums. Josh started his own consulting company in 2011, which he ran part-time, while still working as in-house developer. In 2017, he was honored by the community and FileMaker, Inc., to receive the award for FileMaker Community Leader of the Year.

  • Matt Petrowsky

    ISO Productions, Inc.

    Matt has been working professionally with the FileMaker technology suite since 1995. In 1997 he started ISO Productions, Inc. as a company focused on providing educational resources for FileMaker learners. As the editor of ISO FileMaker Magazine, Matt produces a weekly digital article and has produced a number of well-known FileMaker tools and resources for learning and developing within FileMaker Pro Advanced. With a passion for great looking user-centered design, his realm of knowledge extends to a variety of programming languages and web related technologies. He resides in Southern California with his wonderful wife and three children and enjoys listening to all kinds of sci-fi audio books and taking long walks into the forest. You can find him on YouTube, Twitter, the FileMaker Community, and on his own web site. More >

    FileMaker Certifications: 11 - 16

  • Robert Ponzo

    Allen Health Care Services (AHCS)

    Robert has worked in various IT management roles for over 30 years for start-ups, consultants, not-for-profits, and Fortune 50 companies. His diverse expertise includes global infrastructure, disaster recovery, business continuity, enterprise development, global ERP implementations, and health care governance. He is currently serving as CTO for a large and growing home health care organization with national presence. Whether building executive dashboards to SAP, or creating a first of its kind mobile EHR app for the homecare industry, the FileMaker Platform was always his go to tool. He is currently leading a project for delivering better patient outcomes using telemedicine, data analytics and decision support rules while increasing corporate revenue through the implementation of federally mandated value based payment regulations.

  • Wesley Powell

    FileMaker, Inc.

    Wesley, Software Development Manager at FileMaker Inc., has worked on a variety of projects during his career with the company. He is driven by developing rich user interfaces and focusing on the user experience. Wesley graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Information & Computer Science from the University of California, Irvine and joined FileMaker in 2007.

  • John Renfrew{ude}

    John is a trained maths and creative arts teacher and long-term FileMaker user. Since first meeting FileMaker on a tour-bus, managing Mary J Blige, he has built all his own business tools with it. For many years this was in his own company, supporting presentations and running events for a prestigious UK car company. After moving from in-house to full-time developer 7 years ago, he is now a regular presenter at developer events in the UK and globally, a contributor to several FileMaker forums, and guest contributor to blogs where his expertise with PDF and data visualization is highly appreciated.

    FileMaker Certifications: 11 - 16

  • John Repp

    Elzly Technology Corporation

    John is a degreed engineer (Mechanical), earned an MBA, and is a small business owner. For 24 years, he has worked in the field of corrosion, primarily for the department of defense. He is also a bit of a tech junkie, and really loves Apple products (starting with the IIe that he bought with paper route money in 1984). John is always looking to use technology in his work to make more compelling reports, or improve data collection . When he got his first iPad (on release day in 2011), he saw the potential it had to change the way he collected scientific and engineering data. With FileMaker, he is now doing just that.

  • Mark Richman

    Skeleton Key

    Mark is the President of Skeleton Key, a FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum level member based in St. Louis, MO. Mark is a FileMaker Certified Developer 8-16 and leads a team of consultants in providing coaching, design, development and implementation services for clients in a broad array of markets. Mark has authored several white papers for FileMaker Inc. and is a previous DevCon speaker and webinar presenter. More >

    FileMaker Certifications: 8 - 16

  • Luke Rochester

    One Business App Pty Ltd

    Luke is a Management Consultant specializing in Business Intelligence with qualifications in engineering, psychology, relational and multidimensional databases. He uses FileMaker to create artificially intelligent apps and dashboards for small business owners, CEOs and directors of Fortune 500 companies. A quote from one of his session feedback forms sums up the reception he receives from attendees: “This is the single best session I've ever attended at a DevCon. In 90 minutes, the cost of the conference, the travel and time away from the office were all justified.” More >

  • Mia Roop

    FileMaker, Inc.

    Mia is the Eastern Region Partner Manager and has been at FileMaker for over seven years. Before working for FileMaker she worked as a Sales Account Manager at Lotus, Software Publishing, Symantec, and Nuance. She and her husband live in a Boston suburb and have two young adult children.

  • Christos Savva

    Velistar Consulting & Solutions

    Christos is a Chartered Accountant and passionate about developing solutions with FileMaker since 2012. He founded Velistar Consulting & Solutions in 2014 after a position as Assistant Manager at Deloitte where he worked as an external auditor and consultant for five years. Christos is from Nicosia, Cyprus, and he is certified in all versions of FileMaker since version 12. In his spare time, Christos is also an astronomer and director of the Cyprus Astronomy Organisation, a non-profit organization to promote astronomy on the island.

  • James Scarpetta

    The Scarpetta Group, Inc.

    James is the Senior FileMaker Developer at The Scarpetta Group in Simpsonville, SC. He has been working full time with FileMaker since 2013 but started working with them a few years before and is Certified in versions 12-16. Prior to that he worked as a graphic artist and photographer. He has a background in graphic design working for publications and as a freelancer. When not developing James can be found with his two kids, behind his camera at an event, or watching the Patriots during football season.

    FileMaker Certifications: 12 - 16

  • Sarah Stickfort

    Midwest Services & Solutions, LLC

    Sarah started working with FileMaker while in junior high in a data entry role at her family business, Stickfort Electric. She is now a CPA and has a broad range of experience including leading financial and IT audits at the large aerospace manufacturer Rockwell Collins. To complement her accounting degree, Sarah pursued formal FileMaker training through John Mark Osborne and Steven Blackwell. Her powerful combination of skills enable her to develop successful solutions for a varied client base, including a comprehensive FileMaker solution for Stickfort Electric. Outside of the professional world, Sarah enjoys music, cooking, and spending time with her family and friends.

    FileMaker Certifications: 9, 13-16

  • Oliver Sussat

    The Academy of Contemporary Music

    Oliver is a Director at the world’s largest creative recording complex, Metropolis Studios, and Europe’s most pioneering school for modern music education, The Academy of Contemporary Music. Responsible for the growth and transformation of both businesses through the use of technology, Oliver is a proponent for the FileMaker platform, having replaced enterprise systems there with custom FileMaker solutions to dramatic effect. ACM’s student body has doubled in a two year period, whilst Metropolis Studios has been turned around from losing money to posting profits of north of £1m.

  • John Taylor

    Los Angeles School Police Department

    Prior to becoming a police officer, John was in the Marine Corps and a licensed Paramedic. He is currently a Senior Police Officer with the Los Angeles School Police Department with 20 years of law enforcement experience. He is currently assigned to the Department’s Technology Unit for the past nine years assigned as the Senior Developer in the unit creating various applications and systems for the Department. In addition to the Technology Unit John is also an instructor for the Department in firearms and tactics. He is self taught and an advocate of FileMaker.

  • Emmanuel Thangaraj

    FileMaker, Inc.

    Emmanuel started his career at FileMaker as a software developer. Currently he is senior manager in Server development. Prior to FileMaker he worked with Verizon, IBM, and Oracle.

  • Scott Walker

    NMR Group

    Scott Walker is a Project Manager at NMR Group, Inc. in Somerville, MA. NMR evaluates residential and commercial energy efficiency programs throughout the US and Canada. NMR has been using FileMaker since 2013 for a range of business tasks including data collection, recruiting and scheduling, project tracking, client dashboards, and general business resource and project management. Scott is NMR’s lead FileMaker developer and troubleshooter.

  • Henry Wang

    FileMaker, Inc.

    Henry is a User Experience Designer at FileMaker, Inc. He has been at FileMaker for the past four years working primarily on FileMaker Pro Advanced.

  • Jordan Watson

    Humming Tech

    Jordan launched Humming Tech earlier this year - A FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum Consultancy Firm based in Central London. Working with high profile customers such as the British Olympic Association, the team at Humming Tech bring something new to the table every day. Prior to this new journey, Jordan has worked for FileMaker, Inc. to learn about the product from the inside out, led development on numerous FileMaker Custom Apps at a UK Consultancy and managed in-house development teams that serviced 300+ users daily, across three continents.  More >

    FileMaker Certifications: 13 - 14

  • Steve Winter

    Matatiro Solutions

    Steve has been a FileMaker developer since long before he had grey hair—and these days there’s lots of that! He's been a frequent speaker at DevCon over recent years and is FileMaker certified 1 - 16. These days Steve is based in Latvia where he's a freelance software developer. The majority of his solutions utilize the power of the FileMaker platform where he specializes in building responsive, dynamic web applications driven by FileMaker Server. He also spends a lot of time integrating FileMaker with external systems, mostly through web service integration.

  • Ken Worthley

    Worthley & Co., Inc.

    Ken is the owner of Worthley & Co., Inc, a FileMaker Business Alliance partner based in Nixa, Missouri. He is a FileMaker 8-16 Certified Developer. With a passion for user-centered design, Ken enjoys partnering with clients to reach their goals. When not in the Script Workspace, Ken can be found enjoying the outdoors with his wife and two kids.

    FileMaker Certifications: 8 - 16

  • Deborah Zempel

    Deborah Zempel Consulting

    Deborah has been designing in the FileMaker platform since 1989 working on projects large and small, both as a developer and a user. Throughout many years of development she has sharpened her design skills for all platforms: Mac, Windows, FileMaker Go and FileMaker Web Direct. With the design advances that FileMaker has provided to her, the job of design has become even more fun to do. But, there are still cross-platform design matters to consider. Deborah has been a speaker at DevCon twice and hopes to impart some of her design experience to those who are just beginning to learn.

  • Martha Zink

    Soliant Consulting, Inc.

    Martha is a technical project lead for Soliant Consulting and has been working with FileMaker for more than 10 years. Her role includes developing in FileMaker, analyzing client and business needs, and mentoring in-house developers and consultants. She’s a self-proclaimed fan of user experience, looping scripts, and Execute SQL. Whether on the DevCon stage or during day to day meetings, she’s always excited to share her passion for the FileMaker Platform and help others think up unique solutions for their custom needs.