Learn from top FileMaker experts and influencers.

  • Giuliano Iacobelli


    Giuliano is a software engineer and former entrepreneur who loves to create web products. He spent the last 5 years building a integration platform as a service to allow organizations to unleash the power of APIs and automate their growth.

  • Cris Ippolite


    Cris is president of iSolutions, a FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum Partner. He has been working with the FileMaker community for more than 23 years and is actively involved in all development projects for iSolutions clients. He is a FileMaker content provider for LinkedIn Learning and has been a DevCon speaker more times than any other speaker — 40 in all. More >

    FileMaker Certifications: 7 - 18

  • Chris Irvine


    Chris is a senior technology consultant and founder at Threeprong.com LLC, specializing in performance tuning, B2B integration, and custom workgroup solutions. He is a computer science graduate of Portland State University. His professional experience includes management roles in multiple industries, numerous development and database environments, and more than 10 years of experience with the FileMaker Platform.

    FileMaker Certifications: 12 - 17

  • Jake Johnson

    Angel City Data

    Jake has a passion for innovative desktop, web and mobile designs that provide exceptional user experiences. His work at Angel City Data has led to three nominations and one winner for the esteemed FileMaker Excellence Award for Design of the Year. His focus on modern interaction and workflow design has consistently led to beautiful applications with huge customer productivity gains. Jake loves public speaking and has presented at DevCon, developer group meetings, and hundreds of Apple Store events. When not designing or coding, he can be found on a hiking trail or serving as his son's favorite jungle gym.

  • Rick Kalman


    Rick Kalman is the Director of Product Management at Claris. Rick joined Claris in 2000, after spending the previous 5 years as the lead webmaster and FileMaker developer at the Santa Clara County Office of Education. While at Claris, Rick spent his first 5 years as the Technical Liaison for Developer Relations and the past 14 as a product manager. Rick has been the lead product manager during this time for FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Pro Advanced, FileMaker Go, FileMaker Server, and FileMaker WebDirect. Rick currently directs the Product Management team and is primarily responsible for the product roadmap, Workplace Innovation Platform blueprint, and overall platform releases based on these. Rick has presented at Devcon keynotes and sessions numerous times over the last 19 years.

  • Leslie Kareckas


    Leslie is a senior product marketing manager at Claris where she is responsible for developing messaging and positioning for the FileMaker Platform. She has many years of marketing experience at high technology companies throughout Silicon Valley. Prior to joining Claris, Leslie held senior-level marketing positions at VeriSign, Inc., eGain Communications, and Smart Valley, Inc. More >

  • Esther Kim


    After graduating from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Esther moved to Hollywood where she worked as a special effects and motion graphics artist. With her passion for design, she migrated into the ad agency world as a production artist and then upwards as an art director. Her exposure to various technologies and platforms while working for major brands and initiatives, led her desire to be a product designer. Esther is entering her third year as a senior designer at Claris. on the UX design team.

  • Ernest Koe

    The Proof Group LLC

    Ernest is CEO and president of the The Proof Group, LLC and co-founder of PauseOnError. Ernest is a Wesleyan University graduate, a former history/language teacher and, most recently, a Goldman Sachs 10kSB scholar. Ernest has been a speaker at numerous FileMaker DevCons, PauseOnErrors, and FileMaker user groups where he shares his 20 years of experience developing software and his passion for design, data-modeling, and enterprise architecture.

  • Mislav Kos

    Soliant Consulting

    Mislav has been working at Soliant Consulting for 9 years as a FileMaker developer and technical project lead. Prior to Soliant, he worked at IBM for more than 10 years.

    FileMaker Certifications: 11 - 17

  • Jessica Lancashire

    Humming Tech

    Jess co-founded Humming Tech in 2018, a FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum Consultancy partner based in Central London. Working with high profile customers such as the British Olympic Association, Rolls-Royce, and Formula 1, the team at Humming Tech bring something new to the table every day. Prior to this new journey, Jess was empowered to make a career change after being inspired at a previous FileMaker DevCon. She has experience creating a custom app for Westminster City Council, working as an in-house FileMaker Developer for Titan Entertainment Group and was a speaker at DevCon 2018.

  • Greg Lane

    Skeleton Key

    Greg Lane is vice president of application development at Skeleton Key, a FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum Plarner in St. Louis, Missouri where leads an exceptional development team. He has enjoyed solving problems with FileMaker for more than 30 years. Greg frequently answers questions on the FileMaker Community forum and has enjoyed writing articles and contributing to a variety of FileMaker-related publications. Greg earned a master's degree in computer information systems and is a previous DevCon speaker.

    FileMaker Certifications: 7 - 17

  • Marc Larochelle

    Productive Computing

    Marc started with FileMaker back in 1991, working at the National Association of Music Merchants using FileMaker to manage the NAMM show. Founder of Productive Computing in 1996, Marc oversees all product development and service offerings including plug-ins, vertical market apps, CRM solutions, as well as FileMaker and QuickBooks hosting. He has been a featured speaker at previous DevCons and is certified in FileMaker and AWS. Marc's love for teaching and technology inspired the creation of "Productive Computing University" providing online video training on advanced FileMaker-related topics. More >

    FileMaker Certifications: 7-17

  • Philippe Lazzaroni

    Direct Impact Solutions

    Philippe Lazzaroni is the president and founder of Direct Impact Solutions. As a Platinum member of the FileMaker Business Alliance and FileMaker Business Alliance Trainer, Direct Impact has demonstrated its leadership by offering a wide range of services devoted to the FileMaker Platform. Philippe is an active board member of the FMQC.CA user group. Philippe was a speaker at numerous international conferences (DevCon, FM Conference, CQDF), as well as at several Apple Store events. Philippe was also named Evangelist of the Year at the 2012 FileMaker Business Alliance Excellence Awards Ceremony.

    FileMaker Certifications: 8 - 17

  • Andrew LeCates


    Andrew is the Director of Platform Evangelism for Claris. For over 25 years he’s led FileMaker Platform development in many roles as developer, consultant, trainer, author, and evangelist. He’s a veteran speaker at FileMaker DevCon and conferences worldwide. His work and speaking is currently focused on Workplace Innovation.

  • Michael Lee

    The Proof Group LLC

    Mike Lee is vice president at The Proof Group, LLC. He has been developing in FileMaker for more than 20 years. He has been involved in product design, development, deployment, training, and customer support. Currently, he's in charge of the Elite Services team at Proof. He prides himself in keeping his customers happy and productive through proper project management and support. He lives in eastern Connecticut with his wife and three children.

  • Carson Lind

    Eagle Optimizations, LLC

    Carson started developing custom business apps in FileMaker while working at his Dad's medical device manufacturing company. Since then he has moved into the world of independent consulting. He has had the opportunity to work with many different professional FileMaker developers and companies across a wide range of industries. Carson has a passion for building integrations in FileMaker, both API and web viewer integrations, as well as industrial automation and robotics Recently Carson has been moving into product development world and building Made for FileMaker applications.

    FileMaker Certifications: 16 - 17

  • Scott Love


    An accomplished author, experienced speaker, and teacher of hundreds of developers, Scott Love is an expert in FileMaker and other technologies, with decades of software development and a lifelong love for inventing new apps. As a serial entrepreneur, he's worked for Apple, Macromedia, and Silicon Valley start-ups. Deeply passionate about both project management and design, Scott will, if prompted, happily debate both topics for as long as there's a willing audience. His family has deep roots in Colorado; he loves spending time in the mountains and is an enthusiastic cook.

  • Clay Maeckel


    Clay was the first engineer hired by Claris Corporation and has worked for Apple and its subsidiary for over thirty years. Throughout the years he has helped champion, design, and develop the initial versions of FileMaker for Windows, FileMaker Server, FileMaker plug-ins, Instant Web Publishing, the Draco engine, FileMaker Go, and more recently the FileMaker Data Migration Tool. Clay's current title is Chief Software Architect reporting to the Vice President of Engineering. He has presented topics at past US developer conferences and those in Japan, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. More >

  • Ryan Manook


    Ryan is entering his 12th year with Claris having served many roles across the customer support team (phone/forum/Tier 3 support) to his current role as a senior consulting engineer. As a consulting engineer, Ryan focuses on helping new and potential customers evaluate the Workplace Innovation Platform. He also produces webinar, training, and demo content for internal and public audiences.

  • Vivian Martin

    Covenant Hills Treatment Centers

    Vivian is an in-house FileMaker (citizen) developer for a substance abuse treatment center company where she started using FileMaker in 2007. The custom solutions developed for her company have transformed the way they do business. They save time and money while improving accuracy in the collection of and storage of both financial and clinical information for their clients. She thoroughly enjoyed being a DevCon speaker in 2017 in the FileMaker in Action track and has an MBA in finance.

  • Joe Martin


    FileMaker Certifications: 12 - 17

  • Heather McCue


    Known for her expertise in compliance and her role as lead developer for Dallas-based Platinum FileMaker Business Alliance member, Harmonic Software Production Studios, Heather is a long-standing and well-respected member of the FileMaker developer community. In addition to three decades of FileMaker experience, her accomplishments include the first FDA-validated FileMaker app, the 2016 DevCon Developer Challenge, a cake decorating blue ribbon from the NC State Fair, five children, and six grandchildren.

    FileMaker Certifications: 7 - 17

  • Greg McKeown

    Greg McKeown is the father of the Essentialism philosophy and the author of the New York Times bestseller, “Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less.” He co-designed the class at Stanford called, “Designing Life, Essentially” and has taught at hundreds of events across the world. Greg has worked with companies including Apple, Adobe, Airbnb, Facebook, Google, Intel, LinkedIn, Pixar, and Twitter. He was also named a Young Global Leader for the World Economic Forum. Originally from London, England, Greg did his graduate work at Stanford and now lives in Southern California with his wife, Anna, and their four children.

  • Edward McPike, Jr.

    Trapollo, A Cox Business Company

    Ed has been working with FileMaker products since 1996 (version 3). He loved optimizing the files he found at his first job and never looked back. He started a successful consulting company, but after 10 years closed the company to work full-time with National Geographic. While at NatGeo, he was honored to receive the 2015 FileMaker Excellence Award for Development Leadership for a contract solution built for FileMaker WebDirect. For the past 3 years, he has worked at Trapollo, a Cox Communications Company, specializing in remote patient monitoring solutions.

  • Jim Medema

    Surefoot Consulting, Inc.

    Jim Medema is the owner of Surefoot Consulting, Inc, based in Minneapolis, MN. He has been working with FileMaker since ~1990 and has been a full-time developer since 1994. Jim and his wife recently finished a massive 15-year whole house and yard remodeling project. When not with wife, kids or grandchildren, you will find Jim behind the lens of a camera on the ground or piloting his drone in the air. More >

    FileMaker Certifications: 7 - 16

  • Vincenzo Menanno


    With more than 20 years of full-time experience as a master consultant, as well as a dedicated developer of FileMaker-related products, Vince is widely considered one of the leading FileMaker developers in the world. He's a featured speaker at industry events such as the FileMaker Developer Conference, FM Conférence, CQDF, and many FileMaker User Groups. In addition to his work as Director of FileMaker Development at Beezwax, Vince is the author of InspectorPro, a leading FileMaker development tool that provides in-depth FileMaker solution analysis and advanced data visualizations.

  • Ann Monroe


    As vice president of worldwide marketing and customer success at Claris, Ann Monroe drives programs and strategies to advance the customer experience. She leads three teams: the customer support and success team, which provides support, learning and community programs; the web team; and the marketing team. She joined Claris in 2002. She holds a Master of Business Administration from Stanford University Graduate School of Business and a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from Loyola Marymount University.

  • Kevin Murphy

    Hancock Lumber

    Kevin Murphy is the General Manager for Technology in the sawmill division of Hancock Lumber in Maine. He oversees all aspects of technology use in the business and builds FileMaker solutions for all three of their Eastern White Pine sawmills, which collectively ship 90 million board feet of lumber annually around the world. A FileMaker developer since version 2, he holds a degree in Visual Communication from Ohio University with a minor in Computer Science. He’s an avid sports and event photographer, an a cappella singer, and dad to three teenagers.