Learn from top FileMaker experts and influencers.

  • Tim Neudecker

    MC Services

    As the director of application development at MC Services he designs and builds world class databases for clients from many industries. He has been a professional FileMaker developer since 1991 and loves to train new developers and help others learn to use the FileMaker Platform. He is also a recipient of the FileMaker Excellence award. More >

    FileMaker Certifications: 7 - 17

  • Doug Newnham

    Tasty Trucks

    Doug developed an interest in databases at age 14, when he started writing his own database application (DataAce) on an Atari 800XL. He diverted from IT in 1987 and studied a double major in applied chemistry at Swinburne University. He then went on to work in manufacturing. Throughout that time, he developed many technical databases and apps using SQL, MS Access, and Progress. After 15 years in this industry, he changed careers to turn the IT hobby into a profession. As an IT manager, he taught himself SQL, MS VBA, and developed apps in MS Access. He now predominantly develops on the FileMaker Platform.

  • Marie Normand


    Marie joined the Claris team in early 2018 as the EMEA Partner Manager. Originally from the French-speaking province of Québec, in Canada, she began her career in communication and then journalism, before joining the FileMaker community as the Sales Director for a Platinum FileMaker Business Alliance member in Montréal. Having worked for 5 years for an FBA organization, Marie is able to understand the value of the partners within the FileMaker community. She is also always happy to talk about travels and learn about the best hiking trails to discover.

  • Matthew O’Dell

    Capital One

    Matthew is an ecosystem designer for the Card Design team at Capital One. Prior to this, he was a user experience designer with iSolutions and the owner of Big Buffalo Design. He was also the Senior Manager for the content strategy for Udemy and a Systems Engineer and Technical Marketing Manager for FileMaker, Inc. Matthew is an avid designer, trainer, and presenter.

    FileMaker Certifications: 7 - 14

  • Michael O’Neil

    Boca Raton Fire Rescue, Retired

    Mike retired as the Division Fire Chief in charge of Emergency Medical Services where the FileMaker Platform was used by more than 200 fire department members. FileMaker was used in records management and on fire truck computers displaying floor plans and data during emergency responses and for many other daily tasks. Mike was awarded Fire Fighter of the Year, Supervisor of the Year, and Lifetime Achievement Award in EMS. He saved the Fire Department more than $200,000 by his use of FileMaker solutions he developed. Mike has used FileMaker since version 2 and also presented at Devcon 2018.

    FileMaker Certifications: 14 - 15

  • Daniel Ong


    Daniel is a Senior Software Engineer at Claris. Driven by producing high quality software, he focuses on building features that unlock the creativity of the FileMaker developer community. Previously, he was a software developer working on various projects in the Windows Server group at Microsoft Corporation. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with honors from the University of California, Berkeley.

  • Matt Petrowsky

    ISO Productions, Inc.

    Going back to the mid 90’s, Matt was introduced to FileMaker at a local camera store where he worked. Discovering its empowering simplicity, he used it on and off for the next few years. In 1997, he made the career commitment to use FileMaker as one of his primary development tools. These days, Matt produces a weekly online digital magazine called ISO FileMaker Magazine and has produced a number of well-known FileMaker tools and resources for learning and developing within FileMaker Pro. With a passion for great looking user-centered design, his realm of knowledge extends to PHP, Java/Groovy, AppleScript, Javascript, Shell scripting and other web related technologies. He resides in Southern California with his wonderful wife and three children and enjoys listening to all kinds of sci-fi audio books. More >

    FileMaker Certifications: 11 - 16

  • Justin Pfefferle


    Justin has always had a passion for technology and development which has led him to work in a variety of roles in the industry. He was introduced to FileMaker while studying software development at 42 Silicon Valley and immediately afterwards pursued an internship with Codence (formally New Millennium Communications) that utilized his newfound skill-set. His internship expanded into employment, and he have been living the FileMaker life since then.

  • Ethan Pierce


    Ethan Pierce is a Solutions Architect at Particle, working with global customers to building and deploying enterprise IoT solutions. Particle is an Internet of Things (IoT) device platform that enables businesses to easily add the power of connectivity to any product at scale. An electrical engineer by trade, Ethan has spent his career building, consumer, medical, and defense connected products at leading companies from Apple to leading industrial design firm Pierce Design. His specialty is maintaining holistic design intent from concept to mass production, producing successful IoT deployments at scale.

  • Gery Pollet

    Sensinxs NV

    Gery is a serial entrepreneur, IT innovator, and founder of more than a dozen start-up companies over the past 25 years. Gery's background is in bringing advanced new ideas and concepts to market, with a special focus on internet and telecom. His latest venture is Sensinxs, a company that builds the bridge between "Digital Healthcare" and "the Internet of Things" via its "Smart Healthcare Platform." Gery lives in the beautiful city of Bruges, Belgium with his wife and 2 boys. Besides devouring all kinds of literature, Gery adores a good glass of wine and has become an expert in the strange properties of water.

  • Heidi Porter

    The Moyer Group, Inc.

    Heidi is a technical professional with 30 years of experience in networking, data analytics, and on-premise and cloud deployment at large companies such as IBM and SAS Institute. She holds a BS in electrical engineering/computer science and an MA in Linguistics. She is an AWS certified solutions architect - associate, FileMaker certified developer, and a SAS certified programmer. She has worked with FileMaker and been a partner at The Moyer Group since 2010.

    FileMaker Certifications: 12 - 13, 15 - 17

  • Wesley Powell


    Wesley, Software Development Manager at Claris, has worked on a variety of projects during his career with the company. He is driven by developing rich user interfaces and focusing on the user experience. Wesley graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Information & Computer Science from the University of California, Irvine and joined Claris in 2007.

  • John Renfrew


    John is a trained math and creative arts teacher and long-term FileMaker user. Since first meeting FileMaker on a tour bus managing Mary J Blige, he has built all his own business tools to support producing presentations and running events for one the most prestigious car companies in the world. As a regular speaker at developer events in the UK and globally, he is also a contributor to several FileMaker forums and guest contributor to a number of blogs where his expertise with PDF and data visualization is highly appreciated. Currently he is a FileMaker Community MVP.

    FileMaker Certifications: 11 - 16

  • Ronnie Rios


    A senior consulting engineer at Claris, Ronnie has more than 20 years of experience in consulting and database software solutions development. For more than five of those years, he worked at Apple, providing pre- and post-sales technical assistance to customers, developing internal systems and reporting tools, and ultimately growing into technology consultant roles with the business team. Ronnie holds a master’s degree and several Apple certifications. If you can't find him, he's probably at the local coffee shop or screaming atop the nearest roller coaster. More >

    FileMaker Certifications: 11 - 17

  • Luke Rochester

    One Business App

    Luke is a Management Consultant specializing with qualifications in engineering, psychology, relational and multidimensional databases. He uses FileMaker to create artificially intelligent apps and dashboards for small business owners, CEO's and directors of Fortune 500 companies. A quote from one of his session feedback forms sums up the reception he receives from attendees: "This is the single best session I've ever attended at a DevCon. In 90 minutes, the cost of the conference, the travel and time away from the office were all justified." More >

  • Mia Roop


    Mia is the Eastern Region Partner Manager and has been at Claris for over seven years. Before working for Claris she worked as a Sales Account Manager at Lotus, Software Publishing, Symantec, and Nuance. She and her husband live in a Boston suburb and have two young adult children.

  • Julie Sigfrinius


    Julie Sigfrinius has responsibility for global partners including FileMaker Business Alliance members, channel distributors, and resellers for Claris. Over the last 5 years, Julie has worked to improve partner programs, increase the FileMaker partner ecosystem, and elevate partnerships and alliances. Prior to this role, Julie managed the FileMaker channel in the Americas for 7 years as well as FileMaker Latin American. Prior to Claris, she was employed by one of Apple’s premiere resellers for 16 years where she built a professional services and training division which was a successful FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum Partner. Born in Los Angeles, California, Julie now lives with her husband and children in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. More >

  • David St-Onge

    Fin Finaud Consultant Inc.

    David, father of two, has a college degree in computer science. He got his first job using FileMaker in 2005. He has been a FileMaker developer for more than 10 years mostly working on the award winning vertical market solution Casserole Nova. In the last 3 years, he evolved into a technical director now in charge of the technology and security of the infrastructure for Casserole Nova. Insuring that technological processes are efficient, automating tasks like file deployment and data migration is part of his daily life.

    FileMaker Certifications: 12 - 14, 17

  • Steven Sykora


    Steve Sykora owns and operates Harmonic Software Production Studios, a FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum Partner. Steve is the producer for several of Harmonic's major customers and has the pleasure and responsibility of daily pushing the state of FileMaker art. Steve has lately been concentrating on scaling Harmonic's culture, systems, processes, and personnel as he transforms Harmonic into the Software Production Studio of his dreams.

    FileMaker Certifications: 7, 9 - 10, 16 - 17

  • Koji Takeuchi

    TonicNote, Inc.

    Koji has been working as FileMaker developer, trainer, and consultant, and has led the FileMaker Tokyo User Group since 2000. He has spoken at every FileMaker Conference Japan from 2009 to 2018. Koji won the FileMaker Excellence Award in 2006 and has led more than 100 FileMaker Events at Apple Store Ginza Theater. He also enjoys playing acoustic guitar and playing billiards.

  • Rosemary Tietge


    Rosemary leads the FileMaker Community and keeps the DevCon speakers on track. She is passionate about connecting FileMaker developers with each other and with customers so that they can collaborate to solve business problems. In her spare time she plays with string and spends as much time outside hiking and paddling as she can. More >

    FileMaker Certifications: 8 - 18

  • Koen Van Hulle


    Koen Van Hulle leads the Lesterius Services team. This team delivers FileMaker deployment and infrastructure solutions to their customer, regardless of whether the customer chooses to use Lesterius managed hosting services, their own infrastructure, or FileMaker Cloud. He combines this with being a FileMaker consultant. After his studies in 1999, Koen started as web developer at a spin-off of the Claris Support Benelux. In 2001, he became a full-time FileMaker developer at what is called today Lesterius, a FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum Partner. Koen is also active as a MVP on the FileMaker Community.

  • Murali Vemulapati


    Murali Vemulapati is a software architect on the core database engine team at Claris. Recently, he has worked on several performance and scalability improvements such as scalable page cache and page level locks for B+ tree index. Prior to joining FileMaker, he worked for the server technologies division of Oracle in the PL/SQL compiler team.

  • Douglas Wallis


    Douglas Wallis is the EMEA Manager for Platform Evangelism at Claris. After graduating in French Law (BA) at Paris Université II, he moved back to the UK where he had previously lived for about 10 years. Douglas had worked in London for more 15 years as a “data guru” developing custom apps, in-house, and for clients, using FileMaker, SQL and various mapping software applications. He joined Claris in 2014 as systems engineer for Southern Europe and has now extended his role to now cover the whole of Europe. When he is not working with data, Douglas enjoys the occasional game of golf and plays local rugby games on Sunday morning in his new home town of Nantes in South Brittany.

  • D. Todd Weller

    Cross IT Services & Solutions, LLC

    Todd is the senior data systems architect with Cross I.T. Services & Solutions, a FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum Partner. He has used and developed FileMaker solutions for more than 17 years for both in-house users and outside clients. Todd also serves as facilitator for FMburgh, the Pittsburgh FileMaker Developer Group. He holds a degree in electrical engineering and worked as a PLC and Drive System programmer and troubleshooter before he began building FileMaker solutions. If you can't find him, he's probably somewhere riding a roller coaster.

    FileMaker Certifications: 10 - 17

  • Steve Winter

    Matatiro Solutions

    I've been a FileMaker developer since long before I had grey hair - and these days there's lots of that! I've been a frequent speaker at DevCon over recent years and am certified in versions through to seventeen. These days I'm based back in the United Kingdom where I'm a freelance software developer. The majority of our solutions utilise the power of the FileMaker platform where we specialise in building responsive, dynamic web applications driven by FileMaker server. We also spend a lot of time integrating FileMaker with external systems, mostly through web service integration.

  • Martha Zink

    Soliant Consulting

    Martha is a technical project lead for Soliant Consulting and has been working with FileMaker for more than 10 years. Her role includes developing in FileMaker, analyzing client and business needs, and mentoring in-house developers and consultants. She’s a self-proclaimed fan of user experience, looping scripts, and Execute SQL. Whether on the DevCon stage or during day-to-day meetings, she’s always excited to share her passion for the FileMaker Platform and help others think up unique solutions for their custom needs.