FileMaker Excellence Award Winners for 2015

The following awards were presented at the annual FileMaker Developer Conference 2015 recognizing both FileMaker Business Alliance members and FileMaker Community members for excellence in various business and technical categories.


FileMaker Business Alliance Development Leadership

Winner Geist Interactive

Among the many things we evaluate in recognizing Development Leadership are those examples where an FBA member shares a concept or technique that does much more than solve a problem, they address a general design principle, they suggest best practices, and they lead developers to a deeper understanding of just how FileMaker works.

Todd Geist of Geist Interactive is recognized with this award for his work in formalizing this technique, this best practice, this framework — and for teaching and evangelizing it’s use and potential through blogs, videos, and developer group presentations.


FileMaker Business Alliance Design Leadership

Winner Albert Harum-Alvarez with SmallCo

The implementation of interactive design and visual appeal is critical to create an exceptional user experience. Albert Harum-Alvarez with SmallCo was one of the first advocates of design thinking within the FileMaker developer community.

He’s a passionate and gifted teacher who has spoken many times at DevCon on the subject, educated many people through his master classes, and conducted playful “Design Smackdowns” where people get quick and actionable critiques. He teaches by example, encouraging people to share their work with one another. He synthesizes design ideas from carpentry and architecture to urban planning, sustainable living, and politics.


FileMaker Business Alliance Leader in Producing Commercial Solutions

Winner SeedCode for DayBack

The commercial solution that caught our attention this year is DayBack, the latest in calendaring for FileMaker from SeedCode.

The solution addresses a common use-case that will resonate with many FileMaker  developers and customers. It does so through a novel use of technology, deeply  leveraging FileMaker’s Web Viewer as an extension API. This leads to a strong  customer experience, simplifying deployment and functional updates. It’s carefully  designed, with killer marketing and web based educational materials.


FileMaker Business Alliance Educational Leadership

Winner Creative Databases

This award recognizes the FBA partner that has done the most to introduce or educate new developers to the FileMaker Platform, and who promote adoption of the latest technologies among those who earn a living as FileMaker developers.

Creative Databases is serious about training. They achieved nearly 8 times the minimum training requirement, averaging 3 leader led classes per month, following FTS Advanced materials. In addition, this partner has participated in numerous roadshows and events exposing and training FileMaker users including a great event they created call "Science through a Smartphone" at one of the most important universities in the country. This conference was co-design to promote the use of FileMaker among students of computer science master degrees. This event was both live and simulcast across campuses to nearly 300 students, teachers and faculty.


FileMaker Business Alliance Leader in New Customer Generation

Winner Richard Carlton Consulting

This award recognizes the FBA partner that has done the most to expand awareness of the FileMaker Platform and has generated the highest volume of new prospective customers. Richard Carlton Consulting can be described as dynamic, exciting, entertaining, but most of all passionate. Last year, when we asked our partners to focus on new customer lead generation, Richard and his team reinvigorated their sample solutions as well as online training and numerous YouTube videos. They planned diligently and were prepared to release FileMaker 14 materials almost immediately after our public launch. They integrated their systems to flow new customer leads with FileMaker for mutual benefit. Over the last year, Richard and his team have driven over 15 thousands new prospective customers to the FileMaker platform.


FileMaker Business Alliance Partner of the Year - Growth Leadership

This award recognizes an FBA partner in each of our four geographic territories that has done the most contribute revenue through sales of the FileMaker Platform, has a clear definition of business growth, and carry a “win together” approach to business through licensing knowledge and marketing investments.


Winner MainSpring, Inc.

MainSpring was founded in 1993 and been a FileMaker partner for over 19 years. They are a dedicated, full service FileMaker partner that provides development, licensing solutions, and training to a wide variety of customers. MainSpring has over 50 employees in four states supporting clients at home and abroad. They have a strong base of government clients, in addition to a mix of small-medium businesses, higher education, and non profit organizations. And they really committed to selling licenses with a laser focused sales teams.

Asia Pacific

Winner KAMAR Limited

Kent Lendrum, President of KAMAR, started as a school teacher who built a custom FileMaker solution to fit a need. He developed a school management system (SMS) that found favor among a group of schools in his area. When the Ministry of Education sought applications for secondary schools in New Zealand, Kent answered the call, at the time working out of his garage. His business has expanded the last 7 years to now employ more than 10 developers. His solution is used in approximately 80% of New Zealand high schools.

North Asia

Winner Genecom, Inc.

Genecom delivered physical training to over 450 people in 25 days and delivered WebEx trainings to over 900 people in 16 days. As a result of these wonderful efforts, Genecom sold over 6,000 licenses to 150 customers.



PROJECT PRO was founded in 1992 and been a FileMaker partner for over 15 years. They create solutions for architects and engineers for desktops, iPad & iPhone. With more than 20 employees and more than 5 developers, their customers have more than 3000 FileMaker Pro installs and over 400 FileMaker Server installs. With 85% of their business coming from new customers, PROJECT PRO is a committed contributor to the growth of the FileMaker community.

FileMaker Community

Development Leadership

Winner Edward McPike, Jr. National Geographic Society for Contract Builder

The National Geographic team has built a portfolio of inspiring, well designed, high-value solutions based on the FileMaker platform.

Their Contract Builder application automates the generation and archival of content & rights licensing contracts vital to the National Geographic publishing businesses and has all the attributes of a winning application:

  • Addresses a critical business requirement for the company
  • Automates and streamlines a complex business process
  • Solves deep technical challenges in development, integration, deployment and design
  • Leverages plug-ins and tools from across the FileMaker ecosystem
  • Builds best practices and strengthens the use of FileMaker at National Geographic
  • Inspires us all at what we can achieve with the FileMaker platform
FileMaker Community

Leader of the Year

Winner Wim Decorte

Wim Decorte consistently provides a huge volume of support to the FileMaker Community. Wim has:

  • Been the top poster on FileMaker Community in 2014-2015
  • A stellar reputation, he’s a credible, trusted expert in the community
  • An astounding breadth of knowledge that spans, development, deployment, integration, and security.
  • A problem solver with a level head that stays task-focused and provides real solutions and great advice.

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