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There is strong demand for skilled FileMaker developers all around the country — and around the world. FileMaker developers can make competitive salaries in the high-paying tech industry. As a FileMaker developer, you have the opportunity to create innovative solutions on hot platforms like iOS and the web, and interact with a supportive community.

FileMaker is an established platform with millions of copies sold to everyone from small businesses to some of the world’s largest organizations. Your investment in FileMaker skills will benefit you for years to come.

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Each FileMaker developer has a unique story to tell, but they all agree that a career using the FileMaker Platform affords them great flexibility, a wide range of challenges and opportunities and a job they love!

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FileMaker is a great path to a successful career.

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With the FileMaker Platform you will amaze people with what you can build in a fraction of the time needed for other development tools. FileMaker offers a range of options to build your skills and establish yourself as an expert.

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Opportunities to work in FileMaker abound. You can work for a company that needs help building FileMaker solutions. Or join one of the many firms that specialize in FileMaker consulting. Here are some ways to get started:


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