Recorded FileMaker Webinars

Learn about a variety of beginner to advanced FileMaker topics
in 1-hour, on-demand sessions.

Topic: Idea to iPad

Is there a business task or process that you'd like to easily manage? Got a project currently being tracked in spreadsheets or being entered on paper forms? This session is centered around you. Watch as we build a custom solution using the FileMaker Platform and have it deployed to an iPad in under 60 minutes.

Topic: FileMaker Training Series

The FileMaker Training Series (FTS) is the official self-paced training curriculum from FileMaker, Inc. These webinars focus on modules taken from the FileMaker Training Series Basics and Advanced.

FileMaker Training Series Basics: Discovery Session


In this session you'll learn how the products in the FileMaker Platform work together. You'll identify requirements for building, assessing, and hosting FileMaker solutions, and compare and contrast FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go. See what pre-built templates, or Starter Solutions, come with FileMaker Pro and how you can start using them right away. Plus, understand the capabilities of FileMaker Pro Advanced, and learn about real-world use cases.

FileMaker Training Series Basics: Navigation Session


In this session you'll identify the steps to a good design process as well as the basic principles for starting a project. You'll identify common file formats that can be converted by FileMaker Pro. Then you'll begin building your own practice solution by importing data from Excel.

FileMaker Training Series Basics: Relationships Session


In this session you'll learn to create fields and tables using key features such as the Manage Database Dialog and the Field Picker. You'll also get a basic overview of relational design such as one-to-many and many-to-many relationships so you can reduce the need to enter the same data multiple times or in multiple places.

FileMaker Training Series Basics: User Interface Session


In this session you'll learn the importance of good user interface design and best practices when creating solutions for iOS devices. Experiment with applying styles and themes in layouts to create a visually attractive user interface. Get familiar with placing objects on a layout, and use the grids, guides and stencils tools available in FileMaker Pro to create a uniform and consistent interface. Add functionality to your practice solution by creating a portal, tab control, panel control, popover and Web Viewer.

FileMaker Training Series Basics: Scripting and Calculations Session


In this session you'll learn the basics of calculations, scripting and reporting in FileMaker Pro through step-by-step activities building your own practice solution. Then find out how FileMaker Pro can integrate with other business systems. And finally, get introduced to the built-in security capabilities and learn about the methods of sharing and deploying a solution to other users.

Understanding Relational Concepts


You've started building your app and now it's time to establish relationships to connect data points. What do you do? This is a common barrier for people new to database design. Understanding data modeling and relationships is fundamental for custom app development using the FileMaker Platform. This session is geared toward new developers and will draw from concepts in the Data module of the FileMaker Training Series with an emphasis on context. Watch a 60 minute session featuring Jeremiah Hammond, Senior Technical Project Lead, from DB Services.

Building Dashboards With FileMaker (45 Tips and Tricks)


Do you like to build dashboards, scorecards, analytical reports, dynamic charts and dynamic tables with FileMaker? Learn 45 tips and tricks on how to build a purely FileMaker dashboard from scratch. We will explore concepts like multi-dimensional schema's (star and snowflake), cubes, data warehouses, real-time collaboration and pivot summaries (using standard FileMaker tools without plug-ins or third party software). And add voice recognition to your app with Siri! Watch an exciting 60 minute demonstration featuring Luke Rochester from Biznet.

Eight ways to make FileMaker databases run even faster


FileMaker, Inc. recently released the "FileMaker Performance Guide," a free document for developers of all levels to learn the best practices for designing FileMaker solutions that perform at an optimum level. Solutions that are optimized for performance are easier for developers to maintain and are more delightful and satisfying for everyone to use. Please join us for a one-hour session, led by author Mark Richman of Skeleton Key. You'll learn about the top factors that affect performance and how to implement techniques that will significantly boost the actual and perceived performance of your FileMaker solutions.

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