IT Professionals

Rapidly deploy custom apps.

See the FileMaker feature checklist

The situation

Are you experiencing any of these situations in your IT department?

Projects outweigh capacity

IT departments everywhere are constantly juggling a myriad number of projects that compete for their resources.

Security is "Job 1"

Data security and risk management take priority over business software development projects.

Rogue applications

Projects developed outside of the IT department need to be vetted so that the application doesn’t pose any risk to the company.

The consequence

The above situations result in a backlog of application development projects that either need to be built or vetted.

This can cause frustration for your business users and opens the door for rogue app development and use.

The solution

What if you had a unified platform that allowed you to rapidly develop and securely deploy custom apps in a low-code environment?

The FileMaker Platform is just that tool:

Database, business logic, and user interface layers are all designed to work together in one rapid application development environment.

Custom apps created using the FileMaker Platform work natively on iPad and iPhone devices, Windows and Mac computers, and the web.

FileMaker apps can easily integrate with existing business systems and workflows. And out-of-the-box security capabilities keep data safe.

FileMaker Platform feature checklist

The FileMaker Platform is designed to be mobile, secure, scalable, and work well with other technologies in your business. See how the feature checklist below aligns with your IT department’s requirements.

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Rapidly build and deploy custom apps for iPad and iPhone in just hours or days.

Native iOS functionality

Includes built-in support for iBeacon devices, bar code scanning, signature capture, and more.


Use with Xcode to convert FileMaker apps into native iOS apps.

FileMaker WebDirect

Deploy natively on web browsers. Supported browsers include Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and Safari.


Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) offering

Runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud

Uses CentOS Linux operating system


Database encryption

Use AES 256-bit encryption for stored data of all types including videos, audio files, PDFs, and more.

SSL encryption

Encrypt data in transit between FileMaker Server or FileMaker Cloud and FileMaker clients.

SSL certificates

Supports Subject Alternative Name (SAN) and wildcard certificates.


Users can authenticate via Active Directory, Open Directory*, or OAuth 2.0 identity providers.

*Active Directory and Open Directory are only supported in FileMaker Server.

Security messages

Search log files by keyword to quickly and easily identify security messages.

Admin Console

Monitor app access and disconnect idle users.

Privilege sets

Define permissions, down to the field-level, that determine levels of access to custom apps.



Use the FileMaker Data API to connect to other apps and web services. Comes with built-in connector to Tableau Desktop. You can also build connectors to enterprise applications such as Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, and more.

JSON functions

Use built-in functions to simplify parsing and generating JSON data requested from other data sources.

cURL options

Create detailed HTTP/HTTPS network calls to request JSON data from other applications via REST APIs.

ODBC/JDBC support

Use FileMaker software as an ODBC client application and as a data source for ODBC/JDBC.

External SQL Sources

Get live, 2-way connections to MySQL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server.

SQL integration

Use SQL Query Builder and Execute SQL statements on tables or ODBC data sources.


Powerful scripting engine

Access a library of built-in script steps to create custom scripts.

Server-side scripting

Run scripts to automate system tasks.


FileMaker Cloud

AWS EC2 Service Level Agreement offers up to 99.99% monthly uptime.


Clients on FileMaker Server: 500

Tested to support up to 500 simultaneous FileMaker Pro Advanced, FileMaker Go, or FileMaker WebDirect clients (limits may also be imposed by hardware, operating system, and app design).

Clients on FileMaker Cloud: 100

Tested to support up to 100 simultaneous FileMaker Pro Advanced, FileMaker Go, or FileMaker WebDirect clients (limits may also be imposed by the Amazon EC2 instance type and app design).

Maintenance & administration

Intuitive Admin Console allows you to:

  • Track client connections and activity

  • Create on-demand backups

  • Manage system configuration and more


Use the FileMaker Admin API trial in FileMaker Cloud and FileMaker Server to help manage and administer your custom apps.



View dynamic statistics of client and server performance.


Get instant notifications to help tune your system.


Download guides to help configure your apps for optimal performance.


FileMaker Certification

Validate FileMaker expertise with an official credential.

Regulatory compliance

Since custom apps require development, it is up to the individual developer to ensure compliance is met.

The FileMaker Platform includes security and provisioning tools to build and integrate apps that can meet different compliance requirements such as HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, and more.

Support and training

Knowledge Base

Access a repository of information on product features, security updates, pricing, and other technical information.

FileMaker Pro Advanced in-product Help

Get detailed information on product features and functionality.

FileMaker Server in-product Help

Find information on hosting and administering files, publishing to the web, and more.

Product documentation

Download detailed guides and best practices to build, install, and deploy custom apps.

FileMaker Community

Ask questions and get input from other FileMaker developers.

FileMaker Developer Conference

Attend an intensive FileMaker educational conference. Levels include beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Custom App Academy

Learn how to build FileMaker apps with free, self-paced video tutorials.

Partners and trainers

Use vetted partners to build your custom apps or to provide in-person training.

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