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The situation

As a professional developer are you experiencing any of these challenges in your job?

Exploding demand

Demand for mobile apps far exceeds the resources available to deliver them.

Lack of requirements

Many businesses lack a clear vision for application requirements, especially in the mobile space.

Multiple complex technologies

Enterprise platforms can be too rigid and require specialized expertise in each layer of the development stack.

The consequence

These situations can put you as risk for losing professional relevance or even put your company at a competitive disadvantage.

Growing demand for mobile custom apps puts even more pressure on developers to build and deliver them ASAP.

Business requirements may also change, resulting in the delivery of apps that no longer meet customer’s need.

Often these apps are over-engineered during prolonged and costly development cycles.

The solution

What if you had a visual, full-stack development tool that allowed you to rapidly build and deploy customs apps? The FileMaker Platform combines the data, business logic, and user interface layers so you no longer need multiple complex technologies to deliver apps for mobile, cloud, and on-premise deployments.

With the FileMaker Platform, you can say “yes” more often to your customers’ development projects. Deliver quality custom apps on time that meet your users’ needs — even as they change.

FileMaker Platform benefits

Engage your users.

User-centric development

Involve users throughout the development process.

Real-time modification

Quickly iterate to meet users’ needs, even as they change.

Project efficiency

Deliver the right app on time and within budget.

Become expert in a single, unified technology.

Abstraction layer

Intuitive development and deployment tools abstract away complex coding challenges.

Collaborative development

Easily work with other developers that have varying skill sets to build custom apps.

Simplified integration

Connect to legacy systems and external technologies using REST APIs and support for external SQL data sources. SDKs available to build native iOS apps and to integrate hardware and plug-ins.

Out-of-the-box security

Built-in support for proven security standards.

Developer community

Large worldwide network of FileMaker developers.

Code once and deploy everywhere.


Only a single tool is needed to create and deploy apps across mobile devices, computers, and the web.

Native functionality

FileMaker custom apps are “platform proof” — same app works across devices and gains functionality as operating systems evolve.

Hosting choices

Cloud or on-premise deployment options available.

Next steps

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