Merchandise buying for retailers

A retail storeowner uses an iPad solution to help him evaluate purchasing decisions at a retail vendor exhibition. Interview with Andy Cohen.

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Deciding what inventory to stock for the holiday season requires retail owners to evaluate a great deal of information from a variety of sources.

Radio Shack franchise owner Andy Cohen combined a variety of spreadsheets and PDFs into one portable iPad solution using FileMaker Go. Having all his inventory options available on his iPad during the holiday retail exhibition allowed him to more quickly and accurately evaluate his purchasing options.

In this episode, Andy explains how combining the information using FileMaker Go not only helped him save a great deal of time, but also helped him make more profitable purchasing decisions.

About Andy Cohen

Dr. Andy Cohen has worked at a variety of high-tech companies starting as a member of technical staff at Hughes aircraft; heading up the Human Computer Interface Group for the Space Station contract at McDonnell Douglas; developing test equipment for Hewlett Packard; and project management for both Agilent Technologies and General Dynamics. Currently, Andy runs his own businesses in commercial real estate and retail. He also does database contracting and IT consulting as well as producing a number of podcasts including Filemaker Success Tips.

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