Jury selection for trial lawyers

Attorneys replace their paper pads in the courtroom with iPads to help with jury trial selection. Interview with Cris Ippolite, iSolutions.

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Jury selection is a highly competitive process that combines extensive amounts of research, rapid decision-making, and the ability to juggle notes, facts and opinions quickly.

Cris Ippolite, owner of iSolutions, Inc. talks about how he teamed up with an attorney to build a jury selection tool that allows lawyers to compile notes, research and prepared questions on their iPad. In this way, during jury selection, attorneys have an electronic clipboard they can use in the courtroom to help them compile information, suggest questions and submit information to their team.

In this episode Cris explains how the tool works and how he and his client were able to build this solution for use on iPad.

About Cris Ippolite

Cris Ippolite is the president and founder of iSolutions, Inc., a Los Angeles-based custom software and Web design firm. In addition to developing solutions for clients, Cris is an authorized FileMaker Trainer. He has presented dozens of onsite and public classes and is also the featured FileMaker author on lynda.com. You can also find Cris' video training on the Lynda.com podcast channel.

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