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A surgical center replaces their clipboards with iPads to streamline patient check in and pre operative procedures. Interview with Kate Lee, Fiddlehead Software.

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Facilitating smooth patient check-in and pre operative assessments in a surgical clinic are not only good customer service, but also it is vital to adhere to medical regulations and to ensure the health of the patient.

Fiddlehead Software was hired by a surgical center to develop an iPad solution that would not only help streamline check-in procedures, but provide a way for doctors to review and verify key information about their patients prior to surgery.

In this episode, Kate explains how her team, lead by developer Deborah Norton, developed an easy-to-use iPad solution using FileMaker Go.

About Fiddlehead Software

Kate Lee is the president and owner of Fiddlehead Software a custom database development company based in Portland, Oregon. Fiddlehead works with companies all over the United States to develop effective, elegant database solutions to solve everyday business problems.

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