Onsite service and repair of equipment

Medical equipment technicians schedule and manage repairs and service with their iPhones. They also use iPads to refer to manuals and schematics and order replacement parts while onsite. Interview with Sergio Cabrera, Photon2.

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Cabrera implemented a custom database to manage his operational needs and recently deployed the system via the iPhone and FileMaker Go. Now all his technicians can view their schedule, repair information and documentation, as well as track their time and billing on the road.

Cabrera is continuing to develop the solution to incorporate parts ordering and documentation and plans to switch the team over to the iPad so they can also view sketches, schematics and detailed instructions more easily.

Cabrera says the system not only provides his technicians with a great deal more information and the ability to better serve his clients, it allows him as the owner to keep track of the overall business so he can manage any issues (scheduling, timing, parts delays etc.) more quickly and easily.

About Sergio Cabrera

Sergio Cabrera is the president of Photon2, a company that provides onsite servicing of high-end nuclear medical equipment.

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