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Apps with a snap.

Starter apps: If you're new to the FileMaker Platform, get started more quickly by snapping together predefined apps with additional tables to get the custom app you’ve always wanted — without any “behind the scenes” work.

Choose one of the new Starter apps and connect an Add-on Table for additional functionality. Now you can more easily create the app that perfectly meets your team’s needs.

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Sensory perception.

Sensor support: Whether you're rappelling down caves, riding roller coasters, or doing other types of field research, automatically collect data on iPad and iPhone with the new sensor support feature.

Using a new calculation function, mobile apps can capture information from iOS sensors in your iPad or iPhone device including location, air pressure, accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, barometer, and battery level.

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Intelligent handling.

The all-new FileMaker Server Admin Console has been redesigned to be more lightweight and provide a streamlined user interface for easier administration of your custom apps.

The Admin Console features a Dashboard page to easily monitor hosted custom apps, connected clients, and system statistics. Plus, get actionable notifications that provide more detail about handling error messages.

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Master-detail layouts

Leverage the new portal enhancements to create common design patterns like master-detail layouts. Save valuable development time by eliminating the need to create self-join relationships and additional scripts. See video

Multiple email attachment support

Attach multiple files to an email message to have more flexibility in communicating with your customers or team.

Copy and paste custom menus

Save time by reusing custom menus in other apps you create. Just copy menu sets, menus, and menu items and then paste them into another file.

Group object selection

Easily modify, reposition, or resize an individual object within a group without first needing to ungroup all objects.

Scripting enhancements

Create more reusable code with enhanced script steps. Add a variable in an input field to populate and retrieve text with support for variables in the Show Custom Dialog.

New FileMaker data migration tool

Go from days to hours or hours to minutes when importing large data sets. This new time-saving command-line tool helps you update your deployed custom apps in no time. The data migration tool is available through the FileMaker Developer Subscription (FDS). See video


Do more on the go.

Configure Local Notification

Get your users’ attention more easily by displaying a local notification on iPad or iPhone when FileMaker Go is not running or is in the background. Using a script, send local alerts based on information accessed from your device such as meeting reminders or detecting a nearby iBeacon.


Enter data faster and with more accuracy in FileMaker Go using auto-complete in text fields. Type a letter or two and instantly see a list of drop down items that match what you’re typing.

Keyboard shortcuts

Be more efficient with keyboard shortcuts now supported on external keyboards for iOS devices, such as the Smart Keyboard.

Drag and drop

Go faster with drag and drop of text, photos, and files between apps on iPad running iOS 11.2 (at minimum).

Improved iOS App SDK

Leverage the power of Apple APIs with the improved iOS App SDK. Now you can create iOS apps that connect to iOS technologies such as push notifications, HealthKit, HomeKit, Apple Pay, and more. The iOS App SDK is available through the FileMaker Developer Subscription (FDS).

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FileMaker Admin API trial

Use this REST API for more flexibility in managing and administering your custom apps. Collect information about the performance of your server and hosted FileMaker apps. Create message and script schedules that can be used across multiple servers. And integrate with third-party applications for custom monitoring and administration functionality.

The trial period for the FileMaker Admin API will expire on September 27, 2019. After which, it will cease to operate.

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FileMaker Data API

No longer a trial feature, the improved FileMaker Data API includes powerful new features including support for FileMaker scripts and the ability to upload files to container fields.

The FileMaker Data API also has a more standardized API format to make it easier to work with. Connect your FileMaker data to other popular apps and web services with this REST API.

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Account lockout

Protect your custom apps against brute force and dictionary attacks by temporarily locking an account after a few sign-in attempts.

Work while reconnecting

If you lose your network connection, continue working with files that don’t depend on that host while the connection is being restored.

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FileMaker Pro replaced

FileMaker Pro Advanced has replaced FileMaker Pro for version 17.

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Custom App Academy

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