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The following are authorized FileMaker distributors.
Please note: prices vary among distributors.

U.S. Distributors

Lexie Faliero

(800) 237-8931 ext. 85443

Bill Faulkner

(800) 279-2794 Ext 242

800-456-8000 X44

Canadian Distributors

For information about purchasing FileMaker products in Canada, please contact Julie Sigfrinius, Canada Channel Account Manager at (612) 889-9156 or

Licensing Specialists:

1(800) 268-4560 option 4

Maria Prollamante

(905) 286-6800 ext. 22692

Bill Faulkner

(800) 279-2794 Ext 242

Distributors Outside of North America

For distributors outside of North America see the listings on our International Sites page.

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