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What is FileMaker Licensing for Teams?

FileMaker Licensing for Teams is a simple way for teams of 5 or more people to license FileMaker software for their users. Purchase of FileMaker Licensing for Teams includes FileMaker Server and User Connections. Each user requires a User Connection. User Connections allow clients — including FileMaker Pro (for User Connections), FileMaker Go, and FileMaker WebDirect — to connect to FileMaker Server. Each user may connect to FileMaker Server with only one client at a time.

How can I learn more about FileMaker Licensing for Teams?

How can my existing volume licensing customer order additional licenses?

Existing FileMaker licensing customers can order additional licenses from within their licensing program. The order for additional licenses must include the customer's License Agreement/Contract number (This is an 8 digit number which starts with "40").
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My customer is currently using FileMaker Pro 13. Is he or she eligible to purchase upgrades to FileMaker Pro 16?

FileMaker only offers upgrades for single electronic non-volume licensing product or retail boxes. There are no upgrades available for perpetual volume licenses. FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Pro Advanced version 13, 14 and 15 retail boxes will be eligible for upgrades. FileMaker announced that as of September 22, 2017, FileMaker 13 products will no longer be available for direct sales and support including technical support, replacement media, downgrade media, and downgrade license keys. However, FileMaker Pro 13 and FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced will remain qualifying products for single license upgrades to FileMaker Pro 16 or FileMaker Pro 16 Advanced until September 22, 2017.

One of my education customers wants their teachers to have access to FileMaker databases at home. Does my customer need to purchase an additional copy of FileMaker Pro for each teacher?

FileMaker provides limited home and portable use rights for FileMaker Pro software. If your customer is the primary user of the computer at work, he or she may make a second copy of FileMaker software for their exclusive use on either a home or portable computer. Your customer may only make one such additional copy for either their home or portable computer, but not both. These rights do not apply to students, if the software is part of a volume license program ordered at an education discount. Also, these rights do not apply to FileMaker Server software or FileMaker Pro Advanced software.

Can my customers share their data with both Windows, Mac, and iOS users?

Yes. FileMaker products are cross-platform, so your customers can share data over networks, the Internet, with Windows and Mac users, iOS users and even in popular formats such as Microsoft® Excel, Adobe® PDF, and more. And with the powerful security options in FileMaker, your customers can control what data is accessible by whom.
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What is the difference between Annual Volume Licensing vs Perpetual Volume Licensing?

The annual licensing program gives your customer a convenient payment schedule and discounts on 5 or more licenses. Annual payments equivalent to 1/3 of the standard perpetual volume licensing price. Payment is due on the same date every year, so your customer can budget confidently. The annual licensing program includes product releases and updates for the annual subscription period.
The perpetual licensing program provides discounts for 5 or more licenses and includes one year of maintenance. The perpetual licensing program is a transactional license program with no signed contracts. Maintenance renewals are available each year and include product releases and updates for the maintenance period.

Can I resell FileMaker Go for iPhone and iPad?

These products are FREE and available only on the iTunes Apps Store and are not available through the reseller channel.
FileMaker Go

What are FileMaker Server connections?

FileMaker Server connections allow users to access FileMaker solutions from:

  • The FileMaker Go app for iPad or iPhone
  • Any device running FileMaker WebDirect in a web browser
  • FileMaker Pro users from Windows or Mac desktops

Where can I find the part numbers I need to quote my customer?

What is FileMaker Cloud?

FileMaker Cloud allows you to access your custom apps in the cloud.

If my customer owns FileMaker licenses can they convert them for use on FileMaker Cloud?

Yes, you can convert the following licensing programs are eligible to use FileMaker Cloud via BYOL: Annual FileMaker Licensing for Teams (FLT), Annual Volume License Agreement with Concurrencies (AVLA), and Annual Site License Agreement (ASLA). Perpetual volume licenses can be converted to annual licenses to use with FileMaker Cloud. FileMaker Server licenses with no connections are not eligible to convert to BYOL. NOTE: FLT and AVLA customers must discontinue using FileMaker Server 30 days after converting to a FileMaker Cloud license. ASLA customers may continue to use both FileMaker Server and FileMaker Cloud according to their license agreement.

Where do I learn more about FileMaker Cloud?

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