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Reseller Frequently Asked Questions

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Learn more about FileMaker Licensing programs from the Licensing FAQ.

FileMaker User Licensing is a simple, cost-effective way for teams to license the entire FileMaker Platform. FileMaker User Licensing is based on the number of unique users a company or organization has that need to have any type of access to FileMaker software.

Existing FileMaker licensing customers can order additional licenses from within their licensing program. The order for additional licenses must include the customer's License Agreement/Contract number (This is an 8 digit number that starts with "4").

An annual licensing program gives your customer a convenient payment schedule and discounts on 5 or more licenses. Annual payments are equivalent to 1/3 of the standard perpetual licensing price. Payment is due on the same date every year, so your customer can budget confidently. Annual licensing includes upgrade and updates for the annual subscription period and can be purchased for one, two or three years. If at the end of an annual subscription the product is not renewed, it needs to be uninstalled. Perpetual licenses provide discounts for 5 or more licenses and include one, two or three years of maintenance. Maintenance renewals are available each year and include upgrades and updates for the maintenance period. Maintenance, while not required after the initial purchase, is recommended to keep the customer on the most current version of the platform and to preserve their initial software investment.

FileMaker only offers upgrades for single electronic non-volume licensing product or retail boxes. There are no upgrades available for perpetual volume licenses. FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Pro Advanced version 15, 16, and 17 retail boxes will be eligible for upgrades.

These products are FREE and available only on the iTunes Apps Store and are not available through the reseller channel. Learn more about FileMaker Go.

Yes, they can convert their annual volume license contract to a FileMaker Cloud license. They can bring 1 FileMaker Server (out of the 3 FileMaker Servers they receive under a User license) for use on FileMaker Cloud via BYOL. Perpetual volume licenses cannot be used on FileMaker Cloud but can be converted to annual licenses to use with FileMaker Cloud. Learn more about FileMaker Cloud.

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