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The next time you see an advertisement for one of Showtime Networks' programs, you'll know FileMaker Pro is hard at work. FileMaker Pro is the award–winning database management system (DBMS) from FileMaker, Inc. Red Group, Showtime's in–house advertising agency, uses FileMaker Pro to archive and project manage all Showtime advertisements for print, TV and radio.

FileMaker Pro Keeps Showtime Ads on the Creative Edge


  • Ad agency Red Group uses FileMaker Pro to manage all of Showtime Network's advertisements for print, TV and radio. At Red Group, FileMaker Pro records every advertisement developed for Showtime, and manages every element of every ad campaign. Thanks to FileMaker Pro's ease of use, it took Red Group less than a month to train staff and get their solutions up and running on both Mac OS and Windows computers.


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  • Medium–Large Business

Business Challenge

Red Group has a staff of 65 who use FileMaker Pro for Windows and the Mac OS, and there are currently two primary in–house developed FileMaker Pro solutions in place.

Successful Solution

The first is a 25,000 record database of every advertisement developed for Showtime. Named Speedy Search, the database is a library of produced materials that serves as a knowledge resource for the department.

The second is a sophisticated project management database of 2,500 records and more than 10 layouts for trafficking up to 175 different ad campaigns. Named Red Group Database, the DBMS enables the department's account and creative teams to collaboratively manage and have visibility into every element essential to a campaign's success from job opening to job close.

I'm not a computer whiz, and I was able to get our solutions up and running and everyone in the department trained in less than a month.

— David Preisman, Post-Production Editor, Showtime Networks

Customer Benefits

David Preisman, Post–Production editor, Showtime Networks, who is also the department's designated FileMaker Pro expert, appreciates FileMaker Pro's cross–platform capability and the product's ease of use and nearly flat learning curve. 'I'm not a computer whiz, and I was able to get our solutions up and running and everyone in the department trained in less than a month,' says Preisman.

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