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When the sale is made — that's when good customer service really begins. That's the watchword for an increasing number of forward–thinking businesses who recognize that the valued relationship with their customers is still only beginning when the check is signed. Sophisticated customer–service systems have become a vital element in ongoing business plans — and that's where communications support providers like Volvo Action Service fill a crucial need. And helping to keep those lines of communication open between company and customer, you'll find FileMaker Pro — the award–winning database software solution from FileMaker Inc.!

Super Service


  • Customer Service — thorough, fast, and reliable. For Volvo Action Services, it's a formula built around the database power of FileMaker Pro.


  • Automotive/Transportation
  • Medium–Large Business

VAS uses FileMaker Pro as the platform for building all of the Customer Care applications we use.

— Mack Richardson, Application Developer, Volvo Action Services

Business Challenge

Volvo Action Service began some ten years ago when Swedish auto manufacturer Volvo began to develop a comprehensive system for administering its customer service operations. "Volvo Action Service is a communication support provider for the entire Volvo family of products, including heavy trucks, marine engines and construction equipment" explains Application Developer Mack Richardson, of Volvo Action Service's Greensboro, North Carolina office. "Our coordinators are standing by 24/7/365 to provide critical service support to Volvo customers experiencing a product breakdown."

Successful Solution

And forming the heart of that extensive Volvo Action Service database system — there's FileMaker Pro. "VAS uses FileMaker Pro as the platform for building all of the Customer Care applications we use," says Mack. "FileMaker allows us to build intuitive. easy–to–use systems to interact with the company's legacy systems." As Application Developer, it's Mack's job to construct and administer FileMaker Pro databases to fill a wide range of functions within the company — from call tracking to monitoring the flow of parts and supplies.

The advent of FileMaker Pro 6 has opened additional possibilities, especially the new XML Import/Export feature. "We have one application currently in production that would not have been possible without this feature of FileMaker Pro 6," Mack notes. "We currently receive realtime updates from one of our client companies in XML via HTTP requests over the Internet. These updates include new vehicles and vehicle owner information. Our client generates XML datasheets and transmits them to our web server — where FileMaker Pro processes and imports the data."

Mack is also impressed with other features of the software. "The custom dialog script step is a welcome addition to FileMaker Pro," he adds. "I was using a 3rd Party plug–in to accomplish this feature, but now I can reduce my administrative overhead by eliminating it."

FileMaker allows us to build intuitive. easy–to–use systems to interact with the company's legacy systems.

— Mack Richardson, Application Developer, Volvo Action Services

Customer Benefits

Super service is the foundation of a successful business and satisfied, repeat customers. And as Volvo Action Service can attest, the foundation of a successful service system is FileMaker Pro.

For FileMaker:

Kevin Mallon
Public Relations Manager
FileMaker Inc.

For Volvo Action Services:

Mack Richardson
Application Developer
Volvo Action Services

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