Annex Medical, Inc.

Innovative life-saving medical equipment designs aided by FileMaker Platform

For FileMaker:

Kevin Mallon
Public Relations Manager
FileMaker Inc.

For Client:

Annex Medical
Carson Lind, Vice President
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When healthcare practitioners find unwanted objects such as kidney stones in peoples’ bodies, they often turn to tools from medical device manufacturer Annex Medical to remove them.

Founded in 1988, Annex Medical makes small devices capable of “grabbing” and extracting small objects inside the human body. At its facility in Minnetonka, Minnesota, the company’s 20 employees produce proprietary designs from start to finish, aided by solutions built on the FileMaker Platform.

With auto-complete, favorites, shortcuts and more, the Script Workspace gives us quicker, smoother development. Developing in FileMaker isn’t my main job, so it’s important that I can evolve our solution quickly. With FileMaker 14, I can make fast changes on the fly and get on with my main job.

— Carson Lind, Vice President
Annex Medical Inc.

Designing and making the devices requires attention to detail, which explains Annex Medical’s focus on quality and continuous improvement through rigorous data collection and analysis. The manufacturer previously relied on paper for everything from time cards to production data – but this was slow and cumbersome. Then, Carson Lind, a production engineer, learned about the FileMaker Platform and started creating a custom solution to automate the business.

Today, every employee, including operators on the manufacturing floor, has an iPad running FileMaker Go 100% of the time. The FileMaker Platform automates quality logging, inspections, time tracking, materials control, inventory management, shipping and invoicing. The FileMaker solution handles accounting and sales history reports as well.

I could go on and on about FileMaker 14 and how nice-looking and functional I can make our solutions – in a lot less time.

— Carson Lind, Vice President
Annex Medical Inc.

If production people need help, they can hit a button to send a message to an engineer or manager, who can reply with an email within the FileMaker solution. On large screens in the facility, Annex uses FileMaker WebDirect to publish dashboards that boost efficiency, such as how much time it takes employees to complete jobs.

We’re very excited about the ability to play sounds on the iPad to send and receive audio alerts. If, say, a manufacturing operator is pulling the wrong parts, we could send a buzz tone as a notification. I also love the new icons, because previously I was always going online to search for images. The Color Picker is much improved, too.

— Carson Lind, Vice President