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Blueprint Capital streamlines lending for residential builders using FileMaker Platform for iOS solution integrated across iPad, Mac and the Web

Seattle residential construction lender uses custom iOS solution created with FileMaker software to keep money flowing and building projects on schedule

Integrated mobile solution saves time and hundreds of thousands of dollars


  • Using a custom FileMaker solution for iOS and Mac, Blueprint Capital streamlines the lending process to drive construction of residential housing.


  • Commercial lending


  • Custom FileMaker Platform for iOS solution enables field inspectors and managers to originate loans, track progress of building projects and release loan money to keep residential construction moving on schedule.


  • Streamlined loan process; eliminated duplicate effort; saved time; avoided the need to hire two people, saving $150,000 annually.
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As one of Seattle's leading residential lenders, Blueprint Capital has gone paperless using the FileMaker Platform and FileMaker Go for iPad for adminstering loans and tracking multiple projects.

Blueprint Capital is the leading residential construction lender in Seattle, Washington, providing loans and development services to builders of small-scale urban projects. Using a unique, cooperative business model, Blueprint pools the resources of local builders, suppliers and community stakeholders to make it easier for builders to meet housing demand.

With so many aspects of the construction business occurring in the field, Blueprint needed an efficient way to track the progress of projects and facilitate inspections to keep money moving, information synchronized and projects on schedule. To do this, the lender created "Blueprint Connect," a paperless loan administration and project management solution leveraging the FileMaker Platform for iOS.

By equipping inspectors and managers with iPads running on the FileMaker Platform, including the FileMaker Go app, project details are easily accessible in the field. For example, inspectors have a custom FileMaker mobile solution that enables them to pinpoint a project's location and get a detailed cost breakdown for every phase of a building project, such as foundation, framing, plumbing, electrical, drywall and so on. The inspector can enter the percentage of work complete, add a photo and transmit the information back to the central FileMaker Pro application using the GoZync plug-in from developer SeedCode. By integrating with the general ledger, the FileMaker Pro application then calculates how much of its loan the construction company has available to draw upon for that project.

Similarly, managers use their custom FileMaker mobile solution for the iPad to get an instant snapshot of loans in Blueprint's portfolio along with the status of building projects associated with each loan. They can see the progress of projects based on data uploaded by the inspector, track homes recently put on the market, map them to sold properties and generate pricing for new building project just coming into the pipeline.

In the past, field staff would have carried around huge accordion files filled with paper, but now with the custom mobile solutions for iOS created using the FileMaker Platform everything they need is at their fingertips on a lightweight iPad.

The FileMaker solution has helped us eliminate a lot of duplicate effort, save time, and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

— Mark Knoll, co-founder and CEO, Blueprint Capital
Blueprint Capital
Using FileMaker Go for iPad, Blueprint Capital's field inspectors and headquarters can easily report and see the progress of projects based on data uploaded by the inspector, track homes recently put on the market, map them to sold properties and generate pricing for new building project just coming into the pipeline.

Seamless solution from field to office

With construction details from the field flowing into the central FileMaker Pro application from FileMaker Go for iPad to GoZync, Blueprint Capital has a seamless solution for tracking building projects and managing loans. Gone are the days of manually creating documents and spreadsheets, tacking on inspection reports, searching for plans to send to the appraiser, pulling in loan documents and doing this 100 times over for every project. Today, the FileMaker solution streamlines the entire process, from loan origination on the office Mac and field inspection reports on iPads to finished homes marketed on the web.

Mark Knoll, co-founder and CEO of Blueprint Capital, says, "The FileMaker solution has helped us eliminate a lot of duplicate effort, save time and ensure that everyone is on the same page."

For example, Knoll points out that appraisers use the same escrow title companies. Instead of creating an all-new escrow, the FileMaker Platform lets them bring in the default company information and simply change the loan number.
For new loans, all the contact information, origination documents, appraisals, audits and loan conditions are managed in FileMaker. Any changes made in one place are automatically reflected everywhere else. The FileMaker solution then combines everything into a single PDF document to create a complete closing package for the loan.

"Without this FileMaker solution, we would never be able to handle 150 projects per year and a $70 million loan portfolio with our small staff," Knoll states. "Because of the automation, we've avoided the need to hire two more people, saving at least $150,000, which allows us to put more into enhancing the value of our enterprise to builders and community stakeholders."

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Blueprint Capital
PO Box 99187
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