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Keslow Camera manages global equipment rentals for film and television industry using iFlawless, a custom FileMaker solution for iPad, iPhone and desktop.

Leading Hollywood camera supplier uses custom FileMaker solution for iPad, iPhone and desktop to speed equipment to film locations worldwide

FileMaker solution drives competitive advantage by enabling highly efficient customer service


  • Using a custom FileMaker solution for iPad, iPhone and desktop, Keslow Camera efficiently manages tens of thousands of rental items to supply film and television customers around the world.


  • Media and Entertainment


  • iFlawless, a custom FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go-based solution, enables Keslow across five offices to manage contracts and bids, track equipment worldwide, generate invoices and forecast sales.


  • Enables quoting in seconds; accelerates rental fulfillment; supports rapid business growth; allows custom updates in days instead of months.
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FileMaker solution enables instant customer response.

Keslow Camera may not be a household name, but chances are if you watch TV or go to the movies, you've seen their work. One of the largest camera rental companies in the Los Angeles/Hollywood area, Keslow Camera has a long list of credits such as sci-fi hits like Oblivion and TV shows like "Criminal Minds," "Nashville" and "Burn Notice."

The company's success flows largely from its culture that always puts the customer first. This requires commitment, talent and very efficient business processes. That's why Keslow Camera abandoned its old paper-based system for a custom FileMaker solution for iPad, iPhone and desktop computers that they affectionately call iFlawless. Today, FileMaker touches nearly every aspect of Keslow's business, from managing contracts and bids to fulfilling orders, tracking equipment worldwide, invoicing and forecasting sales.

Brad Wilson, manager of Keslow's Rental Department, says, "Instead of being bogged down in paper, spending several minutes trying to locate an order or determine what's in stock and what is already rented out, we can now respond instantly to customers, whether it's in the office or out in the warehouse. FileMaker is the secret sauce of our business that's helping us land important contracts with major media and entertainment companies."

FileMaker is the secret sauce of our business that's helping us land important contracts with major media and entertainment companies.

— Brad Wilson,
Rental Department Manager, Keslow Camera

Soup to nuts solution

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Keslow Camera
Custom FileMaker solution allows Keslow to submit bids faster than the competition.

Keslow's custom FileMaker solution drives the company's rental business from end to end. The entire staff, consisting of nearly 50 employees across various offices in the U.S., uses iFlawless running on iMacs, iPads, and iPhones. The equipment puller, shipping and receiving team, and prep technicians take an iPad with them whenever they are away from their desks to facilitate customers on the prep floor. Any time barcodes are being scanned in or out to build contracts, an iOS device comes into play.

Management use iPhones running iFlawless via FileMaker Go at home or when they are out of the office to check availability of gear, which especially comes in handy over the weekends when Keslow gets emergency calls from show productions.

Speed is critical, Wilson says, because productions need to know in advance what equipment is available if they're going to pull the trigger on a last-minute second unit, or if they need additional gear shipped out. iFlawless also helps Keslow submit bids faster than the competition so they're the first to respond to the customer.

Says Wilson, "When we're on the phone with clients we have immediate access to gear availability and numbers, and can answer most inquiries over the phone in a matter of seconds, rather than taking down a client's info, looking for paper documents, and needing to call them back, thus losing the time and patience of the person calling in needing immediate answers. This is important, because every day in production can cost many thousands of dollars."

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Equipped with the iFlawless custom FileMaker Go solution, staff have items ready to move out the door in minutes.

Immediate answers and deliveries, without reliance on paper

When a call comes in, the rental agents can check inventory, build a quote, and have it in the customer's inbox before hanging up the phone. Delivery is the next step, and it requires substantial speed and coordination, especially because Keslow has nearly 40,000 individually barcoded items in its inventory.

Equipped with the iFlawless custom FileMaker solution running on iPads and iPhones using the FileMaker Go app, warehouse staff access pick lists from contract information and have items ready to move out the door in minutes. When the truck pulls up, the customer can sign an iPad form with a fingertip, and the inventory is updated and an invoice instantly created.

From a management standpoint, every detail is at the ready. "At any given time I can see the forecast for the next five to six weeks," notes Wilson. "We can see everything, including what's reserved, items overdue for return or equipment available in inventory."

Essential to smooth operations is the ability to manage a large number of PDFs – purchase orders, contracts and invoices. With FileMaker, the company has the ability to maintain these documents externally to the solution in managed storage, while still being able to have instant access by iFlawless users. External storage of documents also facilitates faster backups while maintaining security through encryption of the external data.

Wilson remarks, "This gives us a huge technical advantage because we can keep our entire history of documentation in PDF format without weighing down the database itself."

A solution for rapid growth

FileMaker-certified developer Scott Rose of ScottWorld developed iFlawless. The solution is hosted on FileMaker Server software for easy access across Keslow's offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Santa Fe and New Orleans.

The FileMaker Go app brings the full, rich application to Keslow's iPad and iPhone users. "What makes FileMaker Go so amazing is that it's not just a slimmed down version of FileMaker Pro," observes Wilson. "It provides access to all the information we need anytime, anywhere, which is especially nice when something unexpected comes up at night or over the weekend."

Wilson also appreciates the ease with which updates and enhancements can be made to the FileMaker solution. "If we were using typical off-the-shelf software and asked for a change, we'd be looking at many months to many years to get an update," he says. "With the FileMaker solution, ScottWorld can constantly and quickly make improvements any time an employee has a good suggestion."

Wilson adds, "Keslow Camera is growing roughly 30 percent year over year, so having the power and flexibility of our custom FileMaker solution is essential. This blazing-fast solution accessible nationwide is really helping set us apart from our competition."

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