Nina Furfur, Inc.

Online vintage clothing and accessory firm keeps business processes up-to-date with FileMaker Platform

For FileMaker:

Kevin Mallon
Public Relations Manager
FileMaker Inc.

For Client:

Nina Furfur, Inc.
Tom Oathoudt, Vice President
Mobile: 801-871-3231 (please email in advance to schedule any media interviews)

Looking for a vintage Chanel handbag, or perhaps some Chanel suspenders? Welcome to Nina Furfur, Inc., where rare vintage fashion items are just a click and a credit card away.


Serial entrepreneur Tom Oathoudt runs Nina Furfur along with several other businesses. Across companies, Oathoudt uses the FileMaker Platform for all aspects of business, including inventory control, image management, order and payment processing, connection to e-commerce sites, marketing management and physical process management.

Improving the user experience is always the main concern so our employees can easily do their jobs and stay productive. The great thing about the FileMaker Platform is that it allows quick and easy data input and viewing. The feedback I’m getting about FileMaker 14 is that the user interface is cleaner and more intuitive and that navigation parts streamline the experience. My users were always asking why the navigation headers had to move with the record data when swiping in FileMaker Go. With navigation parts, user operation on iPad is more natural.

— Tom Oathoudt’s, Vice President

My users are not tech savvy so everything needs to be graphical and easy, whether on an iPad or a desktop. The FileMaker Platform allows that to happen. When I make a change to a layout, I don’t give instructions on how the changes or new features should be used. It is my goal to make sure the interface is intuitive enough for our people to use with little or no explanation. The new FileMaker 14 features are making this easier than ever.

— Tom Oathoudt’s, Vice President