Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Trail blazing non-profit insures highest levels of support to clients using FileMaker Platform

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Kevin Mallon
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Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Jarad Hall, Apple Systems Administrator
717-545-6400 X161

Victims of domestic violence often feel helpless and unsure about where to turn. In Pennsylvania, they have a strong advocate and a place to go for assistance. The Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence (PCADV) was the first state Domestic Violence Coalition.

PCADV ensures the availability of effective and appropriate services to victims through training, program development and monitoring of programs for compliance with federal and state requirements – all powered by the FileMaker Platform.

Since 1976, PCADV's statewide network has grown from 9 to 60 community-based domestic violence programs that offer a lifeline to safety in every county without regard to age, sex, race, religion, physical ability, sexual orientation/identity or economic status.

Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence

These programs serve nearly 100,000 victims of domestic violence each year – more than 2.5 million since 1976 – through intervention services that are provided free of charge and include 24-hour hotlines, crisis centers, individual and group counseling/support, shelter, assistance in filing petitions, court accompaniment, children's programs and referrals to other community resources.

In FileMaker 14, we are very impressed with the updates to FileMaker WebDirect and its ability to render data, much faster. But our favorite new feature is the Script Workspace – it is something long-awaited, and it allows for quicker scripting and troubleshooting. The Script Workspace will enhance and streamline our development workflow. The addition of the predefined menu icon library is a much-appreciated feature.

— Jarad Hall, Apple Systems Administrator
Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Running all the programs and services efficiently requires technology. Apple Systems Administrator Jarad Hall manages the organization’s workstations, and along with the Director of Information Technology, Brian Ronan, he designs, develops and manages custom FileMaker solutions. PCADV uses the FileMaker Platform on a daily basis for administration such as time-tracking, time-off requests, help desk and IT inventory management.

FileMaker also gathers data submitted through FileMaker WebDirect by domestic violence shelters and programs and police departments statewide. The data is analyzed using the built-in reporting features in the FileMaker Platform.

All of the enhancements to FileMaker 14 will allow us to collect and deploy data faster. The ultimate benefit is that we can deliver more informed and useful services to victims of domestic violence.

— Jarad Hall, Apple Systems Administrator