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Leading casual wear manufacturer cuts hundreds of hours from order processing with "virtual warehouse" iPad solution

ApparelMagic To Go for iPad, based on FileMaker Go, Transforms Business Operations at Santiki Trading Company

Great customer service and seamless operations fit perfectly for Santiki Trading Company


  • Fashioned to integrate business processes and improve customer service, ApparelMagic uses FileMaker Go to put a portable showroom into the hands of apparel sales reps.


  • Apparel


  • New portable FileMaker Go front end to hosted enterprise resource planning system improves customer service and streamlines backend processes across all facets of operations.


  • Provided improved productivity and business efficiency; reduced order-processing time by hundreds of hours each month; improved customer service; boosted company cachet; reduced data entry and errors

Today’s apparel companies must move at the speed of thought to stay at the forefront of fashion tastes. From design and merchandising to sales and inventory control, every second counts. That’s where ApparelMagic comes in. Tailored specifically for all facets of apparel management, the enterprise software solution is built on the FileMaker platform, including FileMaker Go for iPad.

By extending ApparelMagic to the iPad, sales staff can take orders conveniently right in the showroom, with orders flowing straight into the ApparelMagic back-end order management, inventory, and manufacturing system powered by FileMaker Server. “ApparelMagic for iPad, based on FileMaker Go, helps our customers meet the challenge of providing up-to-the-second information on the go so they can better compete and win in today’s fast-paced global apparel marketplace,” says John Murphy, president of ApparelMagic.

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Now salespeople have a portable showroom with ApparelMagic to Go.

Portable showroom with more than good looks

One customer whose business agility, efficiency, and cachet has been transformed by ApparelMagic To Go for iPad is Santiki Trading Company, a manufacturer of casual clothing founded on the belief that life should be easy, and so should style. Santiki Wear, designed in the United States and manufactured in Bali and Indonesia, is sold on four continents as well as on major e-tail sites.

Before adopting ApparelMagic To Go for iPad, Santiki reps wrote up orders on paper and then typed in data by hand. Or, orders were transmitted by fax or mail back to the main office where data was manually entered by support staff into the main ApparelMagic system. Macros had to be run on big spreadsheets to prepare manufacturing specs. Hundreds of line-item SKUs were hard to digest. Access to current inventory (How many size twelves in blue do we have?) was not available. Sales reps physically toted around cumbersome clothing samples and accounting reports did not always jive with order forms.

Now, using ApparelMagic To Go for iPad, the time it takes Santiki reps to submit orders has been slashed by hundreds of hours a month. Reps call on customers equipped with a virtual warehouse contained on one sleek iPad screen, one with a wealth of data visualization capabilities. Putting iPad in the hands of sales reps gives Santiki the ideal platform to present fashion specs in beautiful, highly tactile ways that engage buyers eager to be ahead of the next trend. What’s more, reps know every customer’s background, and they can display specifications and styles in all fabric options in an easy-to-visualize matrix. They also can check on inventory and calculate demand. FileMaker Go enables sales reps to provide better service, easily up-sell and cross-sell, and instantaneously search for repeat sales cycles based on previous sales patterns. Reps spend more time building relationships and less time struggling with systems and data-entry.

In order-processing alone, we save hundreds of hours each month using ApparelMagic running on iPad, and we are closer to being error-free than we ever thought possible. All our people, even the initial skeptics, love it.

— David Wagester, President, Santiki
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ApparelMagic to Go speeds order processing and reduces errors.

Efficiency through integration

Orders entered on site in booths or showrooms become part of the central ApparelMagic FileMaker Server-based system used for tasks such as order entry, inventory, and manufacturing—all in real-time. Push-button reporting, accounting, and billing processes are integrated into this comprehensive, client-server enterprise resource planning system across administrative and manufacturing facilities.

“ApparelMagic To Go based on FileMaker Go has made a night-and-day difference in terms of productivity and efficiency across our entire company,” says David Wagester, president of Santiki. “In order-processing alone, we save hundreds of hours each month using ApparelMagic To Go running on iPad, and we are closer to being error-free than we ever thought possible. All our people, even the initial skeptics, love it.”

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ApparelMagic to Go for iPad was developed in two to three months, despite complex functionality.

FileMaker Go speeds time-to-market for ApparelMagic

For the developers of ApparelMagic, the FileMaker platform has been a business boon as well. The company has provided comprehensive solutions to apparel companies around the globe since 1984. Now, with clients spread across five continents, ApparelMagic uses the FileMaker platform to empower apparel and footware organizations of all sizes to integrate cross-functional processes in a user-friendly, highly graphical way. This results in better customer service, streamlined operations, and improved bottom lines for hundreds of companies that use ApparelMagic’s solutions to rapidly move goods from in-showroom order to shopping bag.

Murphy notes that his developers can respond to end-user feedback in a matter of hours, and can develop powerful new enterprise workgroup modules for ApparelMagic To Go for iPad in 30 to 60 days, as opposed to six months using other tools. “FileMaker Go is a flexible, robust programming framework for deploying iOS solutions,” Murphy says. “It enables us to rapidly develop scalable, cross-platform applications that can expand as our customers’ revenues and requirements increase.”

Consistent, reliable plug-ins and scripts that are readily available in the FileMaker community contribute to “an easy, friendly, cross-platform development environment that we love,” Murphy adds. For instance, when a structural change is made in one part of the architecture, scripts enable the change to be replicated throughout the entire ApparelMagic suite with ease. Additionally, when a new version of ApparelMagic is released, scripts and plug-ins make it easily distributed out to multiple platforms from the central host server.

Looking ahead, Wagester plans to add a portable Santiki catalog to his FileMaker Go solution, reducing or even eliminating the need for time-consuming and expensive printed catalogs that may be outdated as soon as they roll off the press. “Branded, stylish data visualization and beautiful fashion imagery is absolutely possible in short order with FileMaker Go,” says Murphy.

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