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Dairy farmer, restaurateur and cheesemaker creates custom iPad solutions to manage a multi-faceted business with the FileMaker Platform

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FileMaker Platform and iPad solutions bring sustainable approaches to organic animal farm

Thriving green business gets more done with less, going paperless with custom iOS solutions


  • With the goal of running a grass-based organic animal farm even more efficiently, George Page created several custom iPad solutions with the FileMaker Platform.


  • Food/Beverage Small Business


  • Used FileMaker Go to manage production and sales across a wide variety of small businesses—winery, butcher shop, restaurant, charcuterie and cheese


  • Improved employee productivity; reduced manual data entry and paper use; gained holistic view into related small businesses; enhanced production and sales efficiency
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Creating menus and tracking inventory and sales for a restaurant and charcuterie are two key tasks among others using FileMaker Go.
Perched along the edge of Vashon Island and overlooking Puget Sound sits Sea Breeze Farm, a grass-based animal farm known for their world-class winery, restaurant, charcuterie, butcher and cheese shops. Located 15 minutes by ferry from Seattle and with a motto of "Green is Good," Sea Breeze Farm takes pride in its sustainable, traditional whole-food production process, creating earth-friendly products for everyone.

Sea Breeze takes a conventional approach to most parts of farming, but has embraced the latest technology from FileMaker, ensuring that this small hometown business can be as effective as large farms. George Page, Sea Breeze Farm's owner, sees the use of the FileMaker Platform as one that will elevate his farm's overall efficiency, as well as profits.

Using FileMaker Pro, along with FileMaker Go for iPad, Page and his team are working toward creating a fully integrated business system that links the many different operations at Sea Breeze Farm. This system will let him evaluate all the delicate relationships between each business line and make an already sustainable business even more so. The first steps toward this goal were to move from paper-based record keeping. "Thanks to FileMaker Pro 12 and its ease of use on iOS devices, creating a full-on ERP system for our small businesses will take less time and effort than I imagined," says Page.

FileMaker Pro 12 helps me easily create custom business solutions for iPad using FileMaker Go 12. The systems we have now are pleasing to look at, as well as highly functional – and that means our employees genuinely want to use them.

— George Page, Owner, Sea Breeze Farm
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Instead of clipboard based note taking on the aging process of Sea Breeze Farm cheeses and barreled wines, George Page now relies upon FileMaker Go for iPad to keep close track of this important data.

Integrating many operations

For the dairy operation, FileMaker Go for iPad allows Page and his staff to understand the production levels of cows on the farm. Page created several custom business solutions based on FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server, and is now providing them through FileMaker Go 12 on employees' iPads. Free to download from the App Store, FileMaker Go 12 securely connects to databases on FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server. As employees go about their daily tasks on and off the island, the information they enter on iPad is instantly synchronized and updated on the back-end in FileMaker Server.

For the cheese business, employees note which types of milk are used in making cheese rounds and identify how long each round has been aged. In the wine cellar, FileMaker Go 12 for iPad has replaced clipboards for entering alcohol levels, pH readings, sulfite additions and historic data related to wine lots, while replacing paper notes with "all on the same page" database entry. Employees can note when barrels have been topped off, racked or which grapes make up a blend.

The butcher shop tracks orders and deliveries of custom cuts of meat - a Sea Breeze Farm specialty! Does a customer want a four-pound, Frenched pork rib roast or a shank-on leg of lamb? Where and when will the meat be picked up? Page and employees keep the details organized using FileMaker Go for iPad. These details were previously available from a centralized FileMaker database, but were not available to employees on the go, wherever crucial details were needed.

The form factor and flat screen of the iPad are especially important in the cramped butcher shop, where touch screens must be resistant to the marking of greasy fingers. "We have to track production for internal and regulatory purposes, constantly logging temperatures, refrigeration times, ingredients, recipes and weights," says Page. "We need to do it in a tiny space and on a system that we can keep clean instead of running the risk of getting food stuck in a keyboard."

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