Top enterprise logistics company finds cost savings of $1.3 million, generates annualized ROI of 368%, and improves customer service efficiency with the FileMaker Platform

FileMaker integration with Salesforce makes business metrics clearly visible on big-screen monitors throughout the company, powering bottom-line improvements


  • By integrating FileMaker Server with Salesforce and projecting the resulting sales and service metrics via a dashboard on monitors throughout the office, enterprise logistics company Shipwire is increasing sales and improving customer support.


  • Enterprise Logistics & Fulfillment Services


  • Custom FileMaker solution based on Progress Software ODBC extracts data from Salesforce and parses data into understandable reports and graphs that are projected on screens throughout Shipwire’s open-layout office.


  • Nearly $1.3 million in cost savings; 368% ROI; helped balance employee workloads; improved motivation and productivity.

With the rise of e-commerce, more companies than ever before need to ship products to far corners of the globe, spurring demand for enterprise logistics experts such as Shipwire. A division of Ingram Micro, Shipwire is the leading provider of commerce and fulfillment solutions worldwide. Providing both direct-to-consumer and business-to-business solutions, Shipwire provides instant access to Ingram’s 122+ warehouses via more than 100 ecommerce connections, including Amazon, eBay and Shopify.

Being there for every customer requires fast, intuitive access to information. Rather than having customer-facing representatives undergo the time-consuming process of combing through a backend Salesforce CRM system, Shipwire integrated Salesforce with the FileMaker Platform. Today, a custom FileMaker solution ties into Salesforce to cull and analyze the most urgent data and present it via intuitive reports, charts and graphs.

Making customers a priority


The FileMaker Platform, integrated with CRM information from Salesforce and presented on large displays, makes impromptu collaboration easier.

Keeping track of shipments is complex because goods may pass through multiple hands before they land in a warehouse, at a port or on a doorstep. If Shipwire customers have questions, support associates are committed to answering them immediately. The same urgency applies to Shipwire’s salespeople, who must nurture relationships to boost revenues and loyalty.

“We pride ourselves on providing a great experience, regardless if a customer only ships 10 or one hundred thousand orders a month through us,” says Darwin Stephenson, Senior Vice President of Sales and Account Management for Ingram Micro. “Our customers expect us to handle each and every order with the same care that they would.”

FileMaker integrates easily with Salesforce and lets us present business data in ways that aren’t possible in Salesforce. And, to save money, we were able to complete the integration without any internal or external IT resources.

— Darwin Stephenson, vice president of customer success, Shipwire

Sales and support information for all to see

Displays, with intuitive charts and graphs powered by the FileMaker Platform, make it easy to assign sales and support tasks.

How do sales and customer care representatives know when their caseloads have spiked so they can ask for help, if their sales productivity has dropped or if a customer inquiry is due for follow-up? The answers to these questions are contained within Shipwire’s Salesforce CRM system. The trouble was that reports containing this valuable information were not front and center on the screens employees use to do their jobs.”

However today, through the FileMaker Platform and an ODBC integration connector from Progress Software for Salesforce, details such as new sales opportunities and support cases due for follow-up are collected and rotated on dynamic layouts displayed on monitors throughout Shipwire’s open-layout office. People interacting with customers are immediately aware of their priorities – and their status in achieving key performance indicators (KPIs).

Around the clock, Shipwire’s global sales and support teams are managing both opportunities and support cases for companies big and small. As this dynamic data updates in Salesforce, the back-end data is regularly being synchronized with FileMaker Pro tables and presented visually in the workplace. The result is a seamless visualization of data that can be customized to reflect the performance needs of different managers throughout the organization.

“Although Salesforce works great as a CRM repository, we needed the ability to combine and display data in ways that are unique to our business and customized processes. Salesforce reports are useful if you look at them, but in reality that wasn’t happening,” says Stephenson. “FileMaker was the natural choice because it provides an easy way to combine company records and tables with Salesforce and present the results through intuitive, on-screen reports and charts.”

Senior Vice President, DIY FileMaker developer

On his own, Stephenson integrated FileMaker Server to Salesforce through an Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) connector. Although he heads up Sales, Account Management and Customer Support for a global, Fortune 62 company, he felt empowered to create the integrated system himself. He notes that a solution generated in Salesforce would have been a time-intensive task requiring expensive outside consulting expertise.  

“My job is to help Shipwire increase revenue,” he says. “I can’t take engineering time away from activities and new technology solutions that generate ROI. I ‘speak’ FileMaker and have since its early days, so it’s easy for me to visualize solutions and rapidly build them without asking someone else to do it for me.”

On a regular basis throughout the day, FileMaker Server software connects to Salesforce to retrieve partial records or entire tables. FileMaker extracts and parses the data, preparing it for presentation on screens mounted in the aisles of the office. The screens display rotating series of graphs and charts showing information such as the status of sales leads, active support cases, daily to-dos and past-due deadlines.

Improved sales and support

With real-time business metrics displayed via the FileMaker Platform, Shipwire employees can more readily meet their key performance metrics and serve customers better.

At Shipwire, visibility of sales and customer support information at a glance is boosting responsiveness and productivity. If a customer care representative has too many open or urgent cases, others can be assigned to balance workloads. This is especially important during the holiday season when support cases spike and customers are particularly eager to have goods delivered on time and at the best rates.

Through this solution, the management team discovered a growing trend of two different Case Types:

  1. Receiving Cases - cases associated with inventory being brought into the warehouses
  2. Inventory Cases - cases associated with work being done with inventory already in the warehouses

Upon closer review, a better process for managing these two scenarios was determined and the need for most of these cases was eliminated, resulting in associated cost savings with these cases of $159,284. With the growth of the division projected out five years, $1,274,277 in cost savings will be realized. This equates to an annualized return on investment of 368%.

Easily viewed metrics about company performance are helping both managers and front-line employees drive to meet customers’ performance expectations. Since being deployed just a few months ago, the FileMaker solution has helped Stephenson have a positive impact on the company by making money and saving money.

“FileMaker integrates easily with Salesforce and lets us present business data in ways that aren’t possible in Salesforce. And, to save money, we were able to complete the integration without any internal or external IT resources,” says Stephenson. “The beauty of the solution is that it has brought a high level of accountability and workmanship to our team. If something’s not right, people are motivated to fix it immediately.”

For FileMaker:

Kevin Mallon
Public Relations Manager
FileMaker Inc.

For Client:

Darwin Stephenson
Senior Vice President
Ingram Micro Commerce & Fulfillment Solutions

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