Studio Suite

Studio Suite Xi, a FileMaker-based custom app for iOS, desktop, and the web, automates audio, film and TV production processes

AlterMedia, Inc. – – meets fast-paced needs of more than 7,000 studio managers worldwide


  • Leading software developer makes life easier for studio managers in audio, TV, and film production by automating production processes and letting them focus on creating entertainment.


  • Audio, TV, and film studio management


  • Created a custom studio management app that tracks and manages contacts, resources, schedules, projects, budgets, invoices, media assets, labels, equipment and media inventories, communications, maintenance, and more.


  • Customers can work from any location on any device; development time is reduced by 5%, and with FileMaker WebDirect, customers have web-based access to information from anywhere; new interface makes it easier to create more elegant, easy-to-use custom apps.

AlterMedia’s customers are a star-studded bunch, with household names such as National Geographic Television, OffHollywood Digital, Village Studios, and YouTube on their client list. By using Studio Suite Xi, these companies’ studio managers, numbering more than 7,000, quote, schedule, produce, finish, and deliver massive quantities of content, on time and on budget.

Studio Suite Xi tracks and manages contacts, resources, schedules, projects, budgets, invoices, media assets, labels, equipment, media inventories, communications, maintenance and more — all in one comprehensive, customizable, cross-platform custom app created using the FileMaker Platform.

“Studio Suite Xi tracks and centralizes all of the details involved in the production of audio/video/film content so you can focus on creating your art,” says AlterMedia, Inc., founder and CEO Joel Stoner.

Work from anywhere, on multiple platforms

Studio Suite

The FileMaker Platform gives studio managers the ability to use Studio Suite Xi whenever and wherever they want, and on any platform—iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac or a web browser.

For AlterMedia, FileMaker software represents a big leap forward, both in performance and speed of development. The FileMaker Platform offers the Script Workspace, which allows Stoner and his team to create and manage FileMaker scripts in a unified workspace, and add script steps by typing or choosing the step’s name. As he types, a list of matching script steps appears along with a brief description. Just from this one enhancement, Stoner estimates that he has reduced development time by 5%.

Stoner says FileMaker WebDirect has evolved, too, so AlterMedia can now offer web-based apps that retain the ease of use in the FileMaker Platform and the customization options for end users.

Thanks to the advances in the FileMaker Platform, Studio Suite Xi operates wherever and however studio managers choose to work, from iPad and iPhone, to Windows and Mac, or a web browser.

The world has moved to the web and mobile apps, and the FileMaker Platform is right there where we and our users need it to be.

— Joel Stoner, Founder and CEO, AlterMedia, Inc.
Studio Suite
Studio Management is a complex process, with many moving parts. With the FileMaker Platform Studio Suite Xi can deliver advanced organizational tools such as push notifications and scheduling.

On the go, fast and functional

Studio Suite Xi delivers access via iPad and iPhone through FileMaker Go, push notifications, and many additional workflow enhancements. Because of the functionality of FileMaker Go, Stoner sees the next version of Studio Suite being even better.

The FileMaker Platform makes it easy to control how the Studio Suite app looks and runs on iPad and iPhone. FileMaker Go has a modern look that reflects the latest iOS. It also lets Stoner effortlessly make the custom app full screen by using scripts, or by allowing users to hide the user interface. He can use a script to lock the orientation of the app, so he can build layouts specifically for portrait or landscape views.

“FileMaker engineers went the extra mile to create FileMaker Go, and that has allowed us to make Studio Suite on iOS elegant, fast, and functional – all with minimal coding,” says Stoner. “The world has moved to the web and mobile apps, and the FileMaker Platform is right there where we and our users need it to be.”

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Joel Stoner
Founder, AlterMedia

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