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FileMaker Pro 8.0v3 Updater

Posted: April 25, 2006

Special Notice

Important Note: v2 must be installed before your v3 updater can be downloaded.
If you have not already installed your v2 updater, install FileMaker Pro 8.0v2 now. Once you have finished the v2 download, click on your browser “back” button to return to the v3 updater page, and select the “download now” option.

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Software description

This software updates FileMaker Pro 8.0v2 to version 8.0v3.

Who should install this software?

You should install this software if you are using any of the configurations listed below. Please note that Mac OS X has a single updater for both FileMaker Pro 8.0v2 and FileMaker Pro 8.0v2 Advanced. Windows has separate updaters for FileMaker Pro 8.0v2 and FileMaker Pro 8.0v2 Advanced. Using the following table, please verify that you are using the appropriate updater for your product.

Installation instructions

To ensure a smooth installation, disable virus detection software before applying the update, and re-enable it after you are finished.

This update will require approximately 30 MB (Mac OS X) and 100 MB (Windows) of free space on your hard disk. Note: On Windows, you may be prompted to insert your original installation CD or locate the original installation software during the update process.

1. Quit FileMaker Pro/Advanced. Other applications can remain open.
Mac OS X: The updater will search all connected volumes for software to update. This search can take several minutes, especially if your computer is connected to a large server volume. Disconnect from all servers and other shared disks before starting the update to avoid such slowdowns.

2. Double-click the appropriate FileMaker 8.0v3 updater program for the platform and product you are using.

3. Read and accept the displayed license agreement, then proceed as directed.

4. Click Update (Mac OS), or Next then Update (Windows) to update your software. After the update has completed, you will see a message confirming the successful installation of the new version.
Mac OS X: If you have more than one copy of FileMaker 8.0v2 installed on the computer, you will be prompted to select the copy you want to update.
5. Quit the updater when completed, and open the new version of FileMaker Pro/Advanced to verify that the update was successful.
Mac OS X: The FileMaker Pro/Advanced version information may not be updated until the next time you log in.

If the update does not complete successfully, try reinstalling the previous version of FileMaker 8 using your original installation program (if your original installation program is 8.0v1, you’ll need to update to 8.0v2) and running the updater again, or do the following:
Mac OS X:
1. Move the FileMaker Pro application file from the “FileMaker.old” folder to your original “FileMaker Pro 8” or “FileMaker Pro 8 Advanced” folder. Choose to replace the existing file.
2. At this point, you can run the updater program again.
1. Create backup copies of any files you saved in the FileMaker Pro 8 or FileMaker Pro 8 Advanced application folder.
2. Use the Add/Remove Programs control panel to remove FileMaker Pro 8 or FileMaker Pro 8 Advanced.
3. Install FileMaker Pro 8.0v2 or FileMaker Pro 8.0v2 Advanced using your original installation program. If your original installation program is version 8.0v1, then you will need to update to version 8.0v2 before proceeding with the update to 8.0v3.
4. At this point, you can run the updater program again.

If, after following the steps above, you are still unable to successfully update to FileMaker Pro 8.0v3 or FileMaker Pro 8.0v3 Advanced, contact FileMaker Technical Support for assistance.

Silent Install Instructions (Windows only)

Performing a silent install is a one-step process. The following is the basic syntax of the command that needs

to be entered at the Command Prompt:


The full set of silent install options are:

/qn|b|r|fSets user interface level.
q , qn -No UI

qb -Basic UI. Use qb! to hide the Cancel

qr -Reduced UI with no dialog box
displayed at the end of the installation.

qf -Full UI and any authored FatalError,
UserExit or Exit dialog boxes at the end.

qn+ -No UI except for a dialog box
displayed at the end.

qb+ -Basic UI with a dialog box displayed
at the end. The dialog box is not displayed
if the user cancels the installation. Use
qb+! or qb!+ to hide the Cancel button.

qb--Basic UI with no modal dialog boxes.
Please note that /qb+-is not a supported
UI level. Use qb-! or qb!-to hide the
Cancel button.

Note that the ! option is available with
Windows Installer version 2.0 and works
only with basic UI. It is not valid with full

Note: Do not use any of the advertisement flags such as /j the /ju or /jm flags at the command line with this updater. These flags are unsupported and may cause known installation problems.

Version History

1. New in FileMaker Pro 8.0v3

1.1. Calculations

1.1.1. Fixed a problem where the Position function would incorrectly return the position for a given search string if the starting position was greater than the length of the string being searched and the search string was the last character, or in some cases, if the occurrence was an invalid negative value.

1.1.2. Comparing Sum or Average aggregate totals whose results are 0 or empty now returns the correct results in a calculation field.

1.2. Recovery

1.2.1. Recover no longer always deletes the contents of global fields.

1.2.2. Recover no longer corrupts calculations or custom functions that contain variables.

1.3. Printing

1.3.1. On Windows, when “Fixed Page Margins” is specified, the specified margins are now accurate when printing.

1.4. Finds on an unstored calculation field

1.4.1. Fixed a problem that caused the entire record set to be returned if a client performed a find on an unstored calculation field if a 7.0 or an 8.0v1 client was connected to an 8.0v2 host.

1.4.2. Fixed a problem that could cause a FileMaker host to quit if a client performed a find on a calculation field that referred to a related unstored calculation field using either the Get(PrivilegeSetName) or Get(ExtendedPrivileges) functions.

1.4.3. Fixed a problem that caused unstored calculation finds to always be performed at the client,

which negatively affected performance. These finds are now performed appropriately at the host or the client, which improves the performance of these types of finds.

2. New in FileMaker Pro 8.0v2

2.1. Scripts

2.1.1. Using a script, you can no longer set repetition 0.

2.1.2. On Windows, fixed a problem that could cause FileMaker Pro to quit if a script attached to a field formatted as a pop-up menu was executed.

2.1.3. Setting a repetition (greater than the first repetition) of a field through a script to an aggregated value of a related field now works.

2.1.4. On Windows, the Send DDE Execute Script will now execute more than 127 times.

2.1.5. Scripts that navigate to fields (for example “Go to Next Field”) can now enter fields that have “Allow field to be entered” disabled in Field Behavior options.

2.2. Calculations

2.2.1. Fields that have auto-entered calculations depending on other fields no longer rely on field order creation for consistent results.

2.2.2. On Windows, Filter() and FilterValues() are fixed to be able to filter numbers to digits only.

2.3. The default file option for data entry has been changed from “Ask whenever settings are different” to “Always use current system settings”.

2.4. On Windows, the Print script now applies scaling options set for the Print Setup script that was executed previously within the script.

2.5. On Mac OS X, fonts that have PostScript outlines instead of TrueType outlines no longer appear as out of range squares or invisible when saved to a PDF file.

2.6. Import Records scripts that specify matching names for “Arrange by” option now include fields that have been added or renamed in the import order.

2.7. Field focus is now retained for the last active field after an unsuccessful find is performed.

2.8. An issue with not being able to tab to a field that belongs to a table further away than the current portal context and has no related record has now been fixed.

2.9. Summary values based on fraction of totals sorted by a field now return correct results.

2.10. Fixed a problem that could cause FileMaker Pro to quit when pasting into a text field formatted as a pop-up menu, checkbox or radio button.

2.11. In a 24-hour time format, searching for a time values less than 1:00 PM in a time or timestamp field no longer appends “AM” to search criteria, and 12 now searches for 12 PM instead of 12 AM.

2.12. ODBC/JDBC (FileMaker Server Advanced only)

2.12.1. Fixed a problem that caused java.sql.PreparedStatement.setNull to return incorrect results when used with timestamp and date fields.

2.12.2. Fixed a problem that could cause FileMaker Server to crash when inserting a long string containing Japanese characters using java.sql.Prepared.Statement.

2.12.3. Fixed a problem that caused ExecuteQuery () to fail when called multiple times on the same PreparedStatement object.

2.12.4. Fixed a problem that caused a SELECT query to return invalid results when using table aliases.

2.12.5. Fixed a problem that caused DataBaseMetaData.getColumnTypeName() to return Varchar on container fields. It now returns SQL_LONGVARBINARY.

2.12.6. Fixed a problem that caused SQLDescribeCol() to return inconsistent results when container fields were empty or held data.

2.13. When the Instant Web Publishing Status Area Language is set to Swedish, weeks that appear in Drop-Down Calendars will now start on Mondays instead of Sundays.

3. New in FileMaker Pro 8.0v2 Advanced

3.1. Menu items that use scripts or script steps now function correctly in submenus that are more than one level deep.

3.2. Tooltips

3.2.1. On Mac OS X, custom tooltips now display in the correct location in Kiosk mode for all objects.

3.2.2. On Mac OS X, tooltip contents now update correctly when users move from one object to another. In previous versions, tooltips did not always update correctly if they were exactly the same size.

* Due to the large file size, the download may take longer than expected.


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