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FileMaker Pro 9.0v3 Advanced Updater

Posted: 12/4/2007

Special Notice

Deactivation of your currently installed/activated copies of FileMaker Pro 9 or FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced is not required to install this software update. It is recommended that you deactivate prior to any major system changes, such as upgrading to Leopard. You must deactivate your currently installed/activated copies of FileMaker Pro 9 or FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced before reinitializing, reformatting or replacing the hard drive.

Read Me

Software description

This software updates FileMaker Pro 9.0v1 or 9.0v2 or FileMaker Pro 9.0v1 or 9.0v2 Advanced to version 9.0v3.

After performing the update, you can find information about known issues with FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Pro Advanced at:

  • For FileMaker Pro: Windows - C:/Program Files/FileMaker/FileMaker Pro 9/FMP Read Me (English).pdf
  • For FileMaker Pro Advanced: Windows - C:/Program Files/FileMaker/FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced/FMPA Read Me (English).pdf
  • For the latest information, visit the FileMaker Knowledge Base

Who should install this software?

Install this software if you are using any of the configurations listed below. Please verify that you are using the appropriate updater for your product.




Use this Updater



FileMaker Pro 9

9.0v1 or 9.0v2

FileMaker Pro 9.0 v3 Updater (setup.exe)

Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese

FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced

9.0v1 or 9.0v2

FileMaker Pro 9.0 Advanced v3 Updater (setup.exe)


Installation instructions

To ensure a smooth installation, disable virus detection software before applying the update, and re-enable it after you are finished.

This update will require approximately 350 MB of free space on your hard disk. Note: you may be prompted to insert your original installation CD or locate the original installation software during the update process.

1. Quit FileMaker 9. Other applications can remain open.

2. Double-click the appropriate FileMaker 9.0v3 updater program for the platform and product you are using.

3. Read and accept the displayed license agreement, then proceed as directed.

4. Click Next, then Update to update your software. After the update has completed, you will see a message confirming the successful installation of the new version.

5. Quit the updater and open the new version of FileMaker to verify that the update was successful.

If the update does not complete successfully, try reinstalling the previous version of FileMaker 9 using your original installation program and then run the updater again, or do the following:

1. Create backup copies of any files you saved in the FileMaker Pro 9 or FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced application folder.
2. Use the Add/Remove Programs control panel to remove FileMaker Pro 9 or FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced.
3. Install FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Pro Advanced version 9.0v1 using your original installation program.
4. Run the updater program again.

If, after following the steps above, you are still unable to successfully update to FileMaker Pro 9.0v3 or FileMaker Pro 9.0v3 Advanced, contact FileMaker Technical Support.

Silent Install Instructions

Performing a silent install is a one-step process.  The following is the basic syntax of the command that needs to be entered at the Command Prompt:
"msiexec –i “<path to FileMaker Pro 9.msi file>\FileMaker Pro 9.msi” /q"

The silent install options are:






Sets user interface level.

q , qn - No UI.

qb - Basic UI. Use qb! to hide the Cancel button.

qr - Reduced UI with no dialog box displayed at the end of the installation.

qf - Full UI and any authored FatalError, UserExit or Exit dialog boxes at the end.

qn+ - No UI except for a dialog box displayed at the end.

qb+ - Basic UI with a dialog box displayed at the end. The dialog box is not displayed if the user cancels the installation. Use qb+! or qb!+ to hide the Cancel button.

qb- - Basic UI with no modal dialog boxes.

qb+- is not a supported UI level. Use qb-! or qb!- to hide the Cancel button.

The ! option is available with Windows Installer version 2.0 and works only with basic UI. It is not valid with full UI.

Note:  Do not use any of the advertisement flags such as /j, /ju, or /jm at the command line with this updater.  (These flags are unsupported and may cause known installation problems.) On Microsoft® Windows Vista™, the command prompt must be run as an administrator (right-click the executable, cmd.exe, then select “Run as administrator” from the shortcut menu).

Version history

1. New in FileMaker Pro 9.0v3

1.1 Instant Web Publishing

1.1.1. Instant Web Publishing can now be correctly enabled and disabled on Mac OS X 10.5.

1.1.2. A problem has been fixed in which Instant Web Publishing might display the wrong value from a value list. In version 9.0v1 and 9.0v2, this problem could occur when one value list item is a substring of another value in the list. For example, if a text field uses a value list containing “room A7” and “room A73”, and the field is set to “room A73”, Instant Web Publishing erroneously displays “room A7” instead. In version 9.0v1 and 9.0v2, the erroneously displayed data could then be committed to the database, if the user entered Edit mode and clicked Submit.

1.1.3.  Support added for Safari 3 and Firefox 2 on Mac OS X 10.5. See the FileMaker 9 Instant Web Publishing Guide for other supported web browsers.

2. New in FileMaker Pro 9.0v2

2.1. Mac OS X 10.5:

2.1.1. Fixed a problem where the application would crash when creating files, if the system language and region do not match.

2.1.2. For the latest Actual Technologies drivers, please check their website.

2.2. General:

2.2.1. Mac OS X: Get(SystemVersion) now returns the correct version on Mac OS X operating systems ending with double digit revision numbers, i.e. 10.4.10.

2.2.2. The database consistency check initiated on launch will no longer incorrectly report that a database is damaged for some databases that can be opened and used without any problems.

2.3. Print:

2.3.1. Printing UK, Australia, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese standard labels no longer discards data from printouts and print preview.

2.3.2. The application no longer crashes when a page range is specified.

2.4. Relationships:

2.4.1. A relationship with a global field now returns all related records if the value of the other key is empty.

2.5. External Data Sources:

2.5.1. Windows: The application no longer freezes when navigating records on an external data source table if all records that are cached in FileMaker get deleted in the data source side.

2.5.2. Mac OS X: SQLServer 2005: Certain trailing upper ASCII characters no longer get deleted from nvarcharmax and ntext fields when information is pasted or edited in a field.

2.5.3. In a file with a non-US file locale, searching for decimal values with non-period decimal separators will no longer fail.

2.5.4. Records will no longer disappear from a portal related to another portal after approximately 400 records are added.

2.6. Scripting:

2.6.1 A host machine no longer crashes if a client uses a Re-login script and tries to reset a password for which a limited length has been specified.

2.6.2. A client machine no longer crashes if a client uses a Re-login script and tries to reset a password for which a limited length has been specified.

2.6.3. Mac OS X: The application no longer crashes when closing multiple files that contain script groups.

2.6.4. Fixed an issue where button scripts were not shown in the Perform Script Options dialog after scripts were grouped on the client in a peer-to-peer networking situation.

2.7. Export:

2.7.1 XML export now performs correctly when the destination path includes upper ASCII or Asian characters.

2.8. Recovery:

2.8.1 Fixed an issue that could cause file block corruption with large databases.

2.9. Plugins:

2.9.1. Added the ability to set repetitions via the ExecuteSQL entry point that is in our plug-in SDK.

2.10. xDBC:

2.10.1. Databases that have ODBC or JDBC clients connected can now be closed correctly.

2.10.2. It is now possible to set date and timestamp fields to null values using Java PreparedStatement objects.

2.10.3 Numbers are now formatted correctly for Italian when returned using a Java PreparedStatement object.

2.11. Activation:

2.11.1. The following telephone numbers have changed for activations that require assistance.





078 15 52 26


7070 1898


01803 00 03 95

+49 (0)1803 00 03 95


01 407 3432


901 810 747

+34 901 810 747


0820 38 27 13

+33 (0)820 38 27 13


848 782 108

+39 848 782 108


0900 20 20 253


8155 6472


+49 (0)1803 00 03 95


0 844 88 89 90


030 6227526


077 444 50 00

United Kingdom

0845 603 9100

+44 (0)845 603 9100

United States





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