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FileMaker Server 9.0v3 and Server 9.0v3 Advanced for Leopard (OS X 10.5.x)

Posted: 2/5/2008

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Installation Instructions (Mac OS X 10.5.x)

FileMaker Server 9.0v3 and FileMaker Server 9.0v3 Advanced are compatible with Mac OS X 10.5.x Leopard, and require a full installation on this platform.  As FileMaker Server 9.0v1 or 9.0v2 and FileMaker Server 9.0v1 or v2 Advanced cannot be installed on Mac OS X 10.5.x, the FileMaker Server 9.0v3 updater cannot be applied.
If you are using Mac OS X 10.5.x Leopard, use the FULL INSTALLER  for FileMaker Server 9.0v3 or FileMaker Server 9.0v3 Advanced and complete a full version installation.  IMPORTANT: DO NOT INSTALL FileMaker Server 9.0v3 or FileMaker Server 9.0v3 Advanced on Mac OS X 10.4.x and then update your OS to 10.5.x. 

Installing the new software from the download requires your existing FileMaker Server 9 or FileMaker Server 9 Advanced License Key.

Volume License or Single License download customers: review your License Agreement for the installation information (company name and license key)

Single License (purchased a box from the FileMaker Store or a reseller):

To view your current FileMaker Server 9 or FileMaker Server 9 Advanced license key:

Start FileMaker Server Admin Console.
Choose Help menu > Update FileMaker Server license

Refer to your original FileMaker Server 9 Getting Started Guide  - The instructions for new installations of FileMaker Server 9 or FileMaker Server 9 Advanced do not change for Mac OS X 10.5.x Leopard.


Version History

Fixes in FileMaker Server

  1. Databases can now be closed and clients can be disconnected correctly while a FileMaker ODBC/JDBC  session is active.
  2. Field indexes no longer get out of sync between server side scripts, ODBC/JDBC clients, and FileMaker clients. 
  3. FileMaker Server Admin Console now usually indicates when a scheduled task is running.
  4. Databases copied to the Databases folder (within the FileMaker Server directory) now show the correct extended privileges in the Databases pane of FileMaker Server Admin Console.
  5.  In Windows, fixed a problem with not being able to stop the Web Publishing Engine when stopping FileMaker Server from the Service Control Manager.
  6. In the Clients pane of FileMaker Server Admin Console, the Perform Action button is now enabled even with no clients selected in the list.
  7. In Mac OS X, you can now unmount or eject a network or external disk after uploading a database from it using Admin Console.
  8. Disconnecting a Server-side scripting client while the script is running now halts the script.
  9. DTD validation no longer fails when port 80 is used.
  10. FileMaker Server now correctly sends an email notification when an error occurs or a schedule completes after the DBS has been stopped and started by FileMaker Server Admin Console, via the CLI, or if the DBS is set not to automatically start when FileMaker Server starts.
  11. Record IDs are now consistent between database sessions when retrieving data from an external ODBC data source via Custom Web Publishing.
  12. The consistency check on open will no longer report a database as damaged in cases where the issue found is completely innocuous. 
  13. PHP Site Assistant
  • PHP Site Assistant now picks up related fields from a portal added during a site assistant session and adds them appropriately when you click Refresh Fields.
  • In generated web pages that use an HTML form (for example, the Find Records and Add Record pages), clicking in a form field now always puts the insertion point at the beginning, not the middle, of the field.
  • In generated web pages, line breaks in data now appear correctly, because “<br>” rather than “\n” is now used for line breaks. 
  • Refreshing the list of layouts in the Layout Group pane of PHP Site Assistant, no longer disables the “Choose a Site Profile” link.
  • PHP Site Assistant now correctly displays fields from a subsequent layout if the first layout in the database is empty.
  • In a generated Records List page, the following links are now translated to French, Italian, German, Swedish, or Japanese, as appropriate:  First, Previous Record, Next and Last.
  • In pages generated with the “Input with Confirmation” site profile, you can now enter data into portal fields without receiving an error that says “Error result is NULL!!” 
Fixes in FileMaker Server

  1. In Mac OS X, the Web Publishing Engine stopped responding after running for approximately 5 days.  This has been fixed.
  2. A problem has been fixed in which Instant Web Publishing might display the wrong value from a value list.  In version 9.0v1, this problem could occur when one value list item is a substring of another value    in the list.  For example, if a text field uses a value list containing “room A7” and “room A73”, and the field is set to “room A73”, Instant Web Publishing erroneously displays “room A7” instead.  In version        9.0v1, the erroneously displayed data could then be committed to the database, if the user entered Edit mode and clicked Submit.
  3. A problem has been fixed that would have caused PHP web publishing to stop working correctly on or after October 7, 2007.
  4. Sites generated by PHP Site Assistant
  • User credentials used to log into a site are no longer exposed in the URL and the web server log.
  • When you click the Delete Record button and then click Cancel in the confirmation dialog box, the record is no longer deleted anyway.
   5. FileMaker Server performance statistics are no longer prevented from  being properly added to the Performance Monitor in Windows Server 2003.

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* Due to the large file size, the download may take longer than expected.


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