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Job Tracking

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See how the Job Tracking Template can help you be more productive by streamlining the management of tasks, staff, and clients associated with a job. You can learn to add more functionality with build-ons.

Staff Management

  • Add and view staff.
  • Manage staff details.
  • Assign jobs and tasks to staff.
  • Add photos for staff.

Job Management

  • Create new jobs.
  • Manage job status.
  • Add and view job tasks.
  • Track time spent on a job.
  • Assign staff and clients to a job.

Client Management

  • Add and view clients.
  • Manage client information.
  • Create jobs for clients.

Task Management

  • Create new tasks.
  • Manage task status and details.
  • Track time spent on tasks.
  • Assign staff to tasks.
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Download and explore.

Whether it is staff, client, job or task management, start tracking them all with the Job Tracking Template.

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