Workplace Innovation Platform

Escape your
work rut.

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Are you in a work rut?

Listen for these telltale signs

Frustrated team

  • “I feel like I spend all day on spreadsheets”
  • “My expertise is going to waste”
  • “I can’t find anything”

Disconnected information

  • “We’re spending too much time on data entry”
  • “Our departments aren’t communicating”
  • “These systems should be integrated”

Unreliable data

  • “Has anyone seen that document?”
  • “We’re losing track of deliveries”
  • “When was this updated?”

Rigid technologies

  • “I don’t have access to that data”
  • “I wish we had an app for that”
  • “Can we add this feature?”

How a Workplace Innovation
Platform can help.

A Workplace Innovation Platform empowers problem solvers
to creatively address challenges at work.

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Unleash your creativity to create custom apps that meet the unique needs of your business.


Share custom apps across desktop, web, and mobile devices to empower employees no matter where the workplace takes them.


Integrate your custom apps with software services, IoT devices, and emerging technologies to secure a competitive edge.

Unleash your team to do more
meaningful work.

5 warning signs your team is in a work rut.

You may not realize it, but the day-to-day administrative annoyances that hold your organization back from innovation can be symptoms of a larger issue: a work rut.

This ebook will help you identify not only the warning signs of a work rut, but also the best strategies to combat it so you can get back to doing the work that matters most.

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Problem solvers welcome.

An everyday problem solver and extreme innovator engage their company’s board members with strikingly different visions of how to take workplace innovation to the next level.

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