Web Publishing: IWP Overview

Easily publish forms for the Web.

What is it?

Instant Web Publishing is one-click publishing of forms for the web.

What does it allow you to do?

Provide your extended users with basic web viewing and data entry of your FileMaker Pro databases through a web browser.

How does it do it?

Instant Web Publishing turns FileMaker Pro into a mini-web server that virtually anyone can deploy.  For FileMaker Server Advanced, you will need a web server -- Apache for the Mac or IIS for Windows.  On the Mac, Apache is already installed.

What can my users do and not do when I publish using Instant Web Publishing?

  Instant Web Publishing FileMaker Pro

Basic inputting, editing and viewing of text, number, date, and time information

check check

Download of files in container fields

check check

Upload of files to container fields



Import/export data



Creation of PDFs and Excel spreadsheets from FileMaker Pro data



Viewing of FileMaker Pro reports



Creation of layouts, reports and scripts



Use of scripts




Browser only


Choose the product that is right for what you want to do

FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Pro Advanced FileMaker Server Advanced

Up to 5 simultaneous web users

Up to 100 simultaneous web users


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