Custom App Academy

Your custom app development
journey starts here.

Learn everything you need to build custom apps
for your business with the FileMaker Platform.

FileMaker 18 Sample apps.

See how apps can be customized to work the way you work.

CRM app

Organize, track, and manage your customers using the CRM Sample app.

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Order Management app

Manage your product inventory with the Order Management Sample app.

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See what FileMaker can do.

From exploring Sample apps to trying out a Starter app,
learn how simple it is to create customized apps unique to your business.

Test Drive Using Sample apps

Get an idea of what your custom app can do and tour three different Sample apps and their primary features.

Using FileMaker Pro Advanced

Learn how users interact with FileMaker apps using Browse, Find, Preview, and Layout modes.

Getting Started with Starter apps

Starter apps are ready-to-use, simple apps that address common business needs. Use them as a launching point for your custom app.

Learn the basics.

Master the FileMaker Platform without any previous developer skills
with easy-to-follow video tutorials.


Plan and build a basic app using FileMaker Pro Advanced.

Build Your app

A guided tutorial on how to create your first app, no development skills required!

Extend Your app

Expand your app to serve additional users and respond to new feature requests.


Learn how to manage, run, and share your app using FileMaker Cloud or FileMaker Server.

Share using FileMaker Cloud

Easily share information with your team with reliable access to your custom apps without the administrative hassle.

Share using FileMaker Server

Securely share data with groups of FileMaker users via an on-premise server.

Go beyond the basics.

Now that you’ve got the fundamentals covered,
you’re ready to take your business ideas and make them into apps.


Learn how you can make your app work smarter, not harder with integration.

New in the FileMaker 18 Platform

Manage data with the new developer features.

New in the FileMaker 17 Platform

Innovate your custom app using the latest features released in FileMaker 17 Platform.

Highlights from the FileMaker 16 Platform

Get an overview of key features introduced with the FileMaker 16 Platform.

FileMaker Templates

Start with a prebuilt template and add build-on modules
to customize it for your workplace needs.

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Connect with the developer community.

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How-to guides

Access ebooks and tools to help your business succeed.

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